Light Steel House Residential H-1005W

  • Model:H-1005W
  • Unit area:182 ㎡
  • House pattern:five rooms and three halls and three bathrooms
  • Building height between floors:the first storey is three meters high,the second floor is 2.8 meters high Site area:11.3×10 m

PRODUCT Description

The New Experience from H-1005W Prefabricated Home


Build up your dreams through the best constructions that are taking the world in the current age. You don’t need to take months to have your building well set with the current technology; you can have a townhouse done for you within days.

Well, this might worry you about the quality of the construction through which it might seem to be compromised. However, the prefab steel building will involve construction through the use of the light gauge steel material, which is lightweight yet strong enough. As a result of this, the constructions done do not compromise on the quality and ensure that you receive the best quality together with high durability levels.

You will be required to hire a light gauge steel townhouse construction company that will get the work done for you in days. AnMeiJie has been one of the most renowned construction companies when it comes to the light steel construction industry in China. They have specialized in the construction of different light gauge steel buildings and townhouses, which has made them produce the best qualities with competitive prices in the market. In addition to this, they have all the necessary certifications which ensure that you receive quality services and products which meet the minimum requirements both for your safety and convenience.

Among the several prefabricated homes, they create one of the best prefab steel building known as the H-1005W


Benefits of the H-1005W Prefab Steel Building

There are several advantages one can enjoy when it comes to the choice of having your own prefab steel building. One of the main as well as major advantages of any prefab steel building, is that it will save you a lot of time that normal construction would take on normal buildings. Above this, there are many other advantages you will enjoy from the use of the prefab steel building. Below are some of the advantages you enjoy;

Flexibility in the Design – One of the challenging things when it comes to construction is the design of the building. The prefab steel constructions will give you a lot of flexibility on the construction through which you can choose any fancy design which best fits you. With the design, AnMeiJie will be glad to deliver what you love and hence meeting your expectation fully.

Constant Cost on Materials – One of the challenging parts of construction is usually the cost of materials. Prefab construction will use the light gauge steel structures, which are normally available hence having minimal or no price fluctuations. As a result of this, you can do your budgeting in advance and be sure that the same pricing will remain even after some time. In addition to this, when comparing the cost of the prefab building with that of other normal construction together with the time is taken, the prefab steel structure buildings are cost-effective as well as efficient.

Ease of Renovation – Any building will require renovation after some time to retain the quality of the building together with enhancing its durability. To this effect, the prefab light gauge building has easy renovation requirements as you can easily remodel them. Such renovation may include detaching, shuffling, or even changing the design of the building. 

AnMeiJie, with its high experience in the construction of prefabricated houses, is one of the best manufacturers as well as suppliers in China. To ensure they meet the minimum requirements of their clients, they ensure that quality is never compromised; hence you can trust their products. With this, get yourself the best design and contact them to have your best prefab townhouse today.


Unit area:182 ㎡

House pattern:five rooms and three halls and three bathrooms

Building height between floors:the first storey is three meters high,the second floor is 2.8 meters high

Site area:11.3×10 m 

Building performance:wind resistance、good earthquake-proof characteristics、anti-snow pressure 、damp proofing、fireproof、warm in winter and cool in summer、energy conservation and environmental protection、high security、thermal insulation


1.Dry operations are not affected by the weather conditions.

2.The construction period is short,quick and easy.

3.Direct supply of factory materials,low project cost.

4.Professional design team,for you to design the right house.

5.Professional construction team,and transnational construction.

6.Beautiful appearance ,to meet the personalized requirements of the building.

7.Fast transportation speed、the noisy of the construction is small,and less construction trash.

All the wall materials of light steel house is environmental protection and durable material,each kind of material passes strict quality testing,and different materials have different standard specifications .After passing the strict inspection of the factory,and in the plant for test assembling,making sure no error and then send the materials to the each construction site.Our company will adopt different export standards for different countries to create light steel villas,and we will also design different styles of light steel villas according to the various needs of customers , each layer of materials used in the light steel villas has its own unique properties and make sure the houses is beautiful、firm、durable and safe.

The house type is suitable for self-occupation,the house type block is irregular.It belongs to the medium-sized villa.The beige exterior wall hanging panel、blue asphalt shingles and simulated cultural stone, all three materials in them are decorated with white lines to make the villa more have a sense of three-dimensional.The beige exterior walls make the whole house without the sense of dull.The house type is suitable for 4-6 people to live.





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