Travel Holiday House Light Steel V-1006W

  • Model:V-1006W
  • Unit area: 125 ㎡
  • House pattern: four rooms and two halls and two bathrooms
  • Building height between floors: three meters high
  • Site area: 13.6×10.4m

PRODUCT Description


Unit area: 125 ㎡

House pattern:  four rooms and two halls and two bathrooms

Building height between floors: three meters high

Site area:  13.6×10.4m

Building performance: wind resistance 、good earthquake-proof characteristics、anti-snow pressure、damp proofing、fireproof、warm in winter and cool in summer、energy conservation and environmental protection、high security、thermal insulation


1.Dry operations are not affected by the weather conditions.

2.The construction period is short,quick and easy.

3.Direct supply of factory materials,low project cost.

4.Professional design team,for you to design the right house.

5.Professional construction team,and transnational construction.

6.Beautiful appearance,to meet the personalized requirements of the building.

7.Fast transportation speed、the noisy of the construction is small,and less construction trash.


Light steel house has a more grounded solidarity to-weight proportion than wood and even flexes with drive—one justification its prosperity on huge development projects. Its flexible nature assists it with withstanding high breezes, seismic tremors and different stressors. Wood is by and large more grounded in pressure because of it being a strong part versus rollformed light-check steel, conversely, steel would be more grounded in strain. In general, steel has a more grounded solidarity to-weight proportion against heavier wood. 


The definitely higher part quality found with light stell construction: dimensional exactness, dimensional consistency, straightness. These properties obviously recognize light-measure steel as a better structure item to both introduce and depend upon. To the extent solidness goes, light-check steel is impenetrable to the components, bugs and shape. That absolutely can't be said to describe wood items. 


Steel is likewise dimensionally steady, which means it will not recoil, split, twist or break; this forestalls expensive fixes and extra material buying. It won't need the regular fixes and substitutions that are normal to wood parts because of fire, decay, parasite, twisting and pervasions. Wood may require synthetic termite medicines or pressing factor treated timber. Steel doesn't climate and won't support form and organism, which establishes a perilous climate for inhabitants. Wood essentially was a living substance and can maintain and take care of shape and organism. Any termite or creepy crawly pervasion is additionally killed by outlining with cold-shaped steel.





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