Light Steel Travel Holiday Houses V-10012W

  • Model: V-10012W
  • Unit area: 182㎡
  • House pattern: five bedrooms and three halls and two bathrooms
  • Building height between floors: three meters high
  • Site area: 16X11.6m

PRODUCT Description

Model: V-10012W

Unit area: 182㎡

House pattern: five bedrooms and three halls and two bathrooms

Building height between floors: three meters high

Site area: 16X11.6m

Building performance: wind resistance、good earthquare-proof characteristics、anti-snow pressure、damp proofing、fireproof、warm in winter and cool in summer、energy consrevation and environmental protection、high security、thermal insulation


1.Dry operations are not affected by the weather conditions.

2.The construction period is short,quick and easy.

3.Direct supply of factory materials,low project cost.

4.Professional design team,for you to design the right house.

5.Professional construction team,and transnational construction.

6.Beautiful appearance ,to meet the personalized requirements of the building.

7.The noisy of the construction is small,and less construction trash.

All the wall materials of light steel house is environmental protection and durable material,each kind of material passes strict quality testing,and different materials have different standard specifications.After passing the strict inspection of the factory,and in the plant for test assembling,making sure no error and then send the materials to the each construction site.Our company will adopt different export standards for different countries to create light steel villas,and we will also design differents styles of light steel villas according to the various needs of customers,each layer of materials used in the light steel villas has its own unique properties and make sure the houses is beautiful、firm、durable and safe.

This house type is suitable for self-occupation、the scenery building、homestay、theme hotel and so on.The appearance of the villa is dark blue asphalt shingles、green exterior wall hanging panel and simulated  stone.Orange adds a playful touch to the house.The outside of the house can design a small corridor to enjoy the scenery.The dinning room has a small door for easy access to the back garden.The house type is suitable for 5-7 people to live.

A Light Steel House is essentially an out of the ordinary metal building. These kind of homes are usually manufactured with a light steel frame, which is generally comprised of aluminum and steel. However, it is not uncommon to find a Light Steel House that is made from materials like concrete or clay. Although these homes are manufactured in different designs, the most common type is the cedar-sided home. This is due to the fact that most cedar-sided houses are more weather-resistant than other kinds of houses.


The concept of a Light Steel House is not new; the idea was actually implemented in the 19th century. At that time, prefabricated houses were created, and these are structures that are manufactured in a factory and then shipped off to a construction site. In fact, prefabricated houses are now widely used for residential purposes. A Light Steel House is similar to this kind of structure. However, the difference lies in the fact that the entire structure is manufactured in a factory instead of being shipped off.


One of the main reasons why a prefabricated house can be considered as a Light Steel House is because most of its parts are designed while being manufactured in a factory. Most manufacturers, as you may know, construct their products by hand. This is primarily because hand crafting the different components for manufacturing requires precision in cutting, bending, welding and sanding. As a result, light steel houses are usually created using heavy-duty equipment that cuts the required parts using standardized sizes, shapes and cuts.


In addition to manufacturing the Light Steel House, a manufacturer also takes extra efforts to make sure that the building is weather-resistant. Most Light Steel Houses are commonly used as mobile villas, especially in areas that have harsh climatic conditions. For one, the majority of manufacturers purchase new frames and their kits from established frames and kit distributors. These dealers then take up the warranty process, making sure that the frame's components are replaced or repaired in case of any damages. If a person were to damage a Light Steel House, he/she can easily contact a reputable dealer and get a replacement or repair done at a minimal cost.


Of course, it would not be possible to buy a prefabricated house without going through the dealer. This is because most manufacturers sell their products by bulk. Because the manufacturer already has a good reputation in the market, buyers can be assured of getting quality products at a very low price. Buyers can also avail of special deals and discounts offered by manufacturers, especially if they have purchased several Light Gauge Steel Buildings. For people who are buying these mobile villas as second dwellings or temporary residences, it would definitely be a good investment, especially if they are residing in an area where the weather condition is often unpredictable.


The price of a Light Steel residential structure may vary from one dealer to another. Some dealers do have better prices than others. In addition, some dealers are more lenient with their customers' requests for custom designs or modifications. It is best to ask questions before placing an order to ensure that all aspects of the deal are covered, including the custom design.







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