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Everyone likes to have a house of their choice which they can make it into their dream home. People deserve to have what they desire provided it meets the finances more than anything else. Unfortunately, not everyone could afford the construction cost and quietly back off. People geared towards fulfilling their dreams of owning a house, should consider prefab residential homes. That is class apart pre-constructed raw material waiting to be assembled. Apart from the cost involved in a traditional method of construction, there is also a huge time associated with constructing the dream house which could take months before a prototype could be ready.

A house that can be constructed only by assembling pre-constructed parts shouldn’t take a lot of time and is also constructed based on your very own design. The raw material amount is decided based on your area of construction. Usually these buildings have a minimum site area of 15.7 x 12.7m where the first floor is 3 meters high and the second floor is 2.8 meters. The construction of the house includes materials that are uniformly tested for quality based on standard specifications and ensuring there are no errors in part number which could lead to a wrong part being shipped to construction site, delaying the entire plan on the whole.

Prefabricated residential buildings are constructed in any weather condition where the period of constructions is short, quick, easy and less noisy as when compared to traditional form of constructing. A team of designers are allocated to you to help design the house you have in mind. And it’s not a DIY project, but a team of professional workers are sent to execute the project as per the pre decided time. The appearance of the building will be very appealing and attractive too. There are a number of home models to choose from and depending upon the family size, it could be finalized. Every construction site has loads of trash, unlike this site where everything is counted and realized what kind of trash will be dumped post completion.

Prefab residential buildings come with a guarantee proofing and resistance for some unforeseen circumstances and other weather conditions. These houses cover the following

  • Wind Resistance

  • Good Earthquake proof characteristics

  • Fire proof

  • Anti-snow and damp proofing

  • Warm in winter and cool in summer

  • Thermally insulated

  • Highly secured and

  • Environmentally protected and friendly.

These facilities are provided by Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel House Co, Ltd (An Mei Jie in Short). An Mei Jie is one of the leading light steel house manufacturers in the construction industry with an aim of promoting green and energy saving light steel structures. Along with prefab residential buildings, there are other products like modular sandwich panel house, container houses, light steel villas, partitions, and more that are export ready to be shipped to overseas countries like UAE, KSA, Iran, Maldives, Vietnam, Malaysia, Russia, Peru and many more. For more details, please feel free to contact An Mei Jie’s sales team at amj@amjhouse.com.





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