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1. Why light steel is used in the major structure system?

Steel is easy ro process in factories and the quality can be strictly controlled. Light steel has such characteristics and superiorities: stable quality, high strength, good shock and corrosion resistance, light in weight, which can cut the cost of foundation construction, easy for construction to lower down cost, termite prevention, not inflammable, durable structure, green and environment-friendly building materials with 100% recycling rate, waste-free. Steel structure is superior to ordinary structures(steel concrete or brick concrete).

2. What is the price for light steel structure system?

The price of steel is stable. Comparing with traditional constructions, the requirements and labor cost for steel structure construction workers are lower. The construction time is short that will cut down the cost. Light steel structure is light in weight and has low requirements for foundations and base that will save the cost. Light steel wall is thin that can save more areas for use. Using light steel structure is good for industrialization and the comprehensive cost for houses will be lower and lower.

3. Can we re-arrange the space in the house of light steel structure?

Yes. Light steel structure is easy to be designed to large span and space structure. In the space, it can be separated into all kinds of spaces according to functional demands by non bearing walls. The residents can simply and conveniently separate the space without breaking the whole structure system.

4. Does light steel structure have high requirement to foundation? Is the foundation cost high?

No. As light steel structure is light in weight with only 25% concrete structure and 60% wood structure, it has lower requirements to the foundation and foundation cost will be greatly reduced.

5. Can the houses with light steel structure resist natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes?

Yes. Steel structure is the favorite shock resistant structure used by designers, because the steel itself has high strength and good flexibility that can effectively absorb the great destructive power produced by earthquakes and hurricanes so as to protect the whole structure from being damaged.

6. Are houses with light steel structure suitable to be built by the sea?

Yes. According to national standards, steel structure can be used in constructure by the sea by increasing the galvanization rate in the steel components to enhance its corrosion resistance and other technical treatment. And the durability is ensured.

7. Dose we need to pay more insurance for houses with light steel structure?

No. On the contrary, you don’t have to spend much on insuance, because steel structure meets the conditions of what the insurance companies call “super structure”, that is the structure have execellent shock resistance, is not inflammable and termite protective. It is a more stable and reliable structure system.

8. What are the acceptance criteria of the house with ANMEIJIE light steel structure?

The engineering cost includes the fine decorations indoor and outdoor, pipeline system arrangements of water and electricity, kitchen, washrooms and basic arrangements but excludes land prices and costs of foundations, indoor furniture, electric appliances, light decorations, greening and other auxiliary engineering projects for the users.




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