• Model:H-1004W
  • Unit area:138 ㎡
  • House pattern:four rooms and three halls and two bathrooms
  • Building height between floors:the first storey is three meters high,the second floor is 2.8 meters high Site area:9.7×7.8 m

PRODUCT Description


Unit area:138 ㎡

House pattern:four rooms and three halls and two bathrooms

Building height between floors:the first storey is three meters high,the second floor is 2.8 meters high

Site area:9.7×7.8 m 

Building performance: wind rsistance、good earthquake-proof characteristics、anti-snow pressure、damp proofing、fireproof、warm in winter and cool in summer、energy conservation and environmental protection、high security、thermal insulation.


1.Dry operations are not affected by the weather conditions.

2.The construction period is short,quick and easy.

3.Direct supply of factory materials,low construction cost.

4.Professional design team,for you to design the right house.

5.Profession construction team,and transnational construction.

6.Beautiful appearance,to meet the personalized requirements of the building.

7.Fast transportation speed,the noisy of the construction is small,and less construction trash.

All the wall materials of light steel house is environmental protection and durable material,each kind of material passes strict quality testing,and different materials have different standard specifications.After passing the strict inspection of the factory.and in the plant for test assembling,marking sure no error and then send these materials to  the each construction site.Our company will adopt different export standards for different countries to create light steel villas,and we also design different styles of light steel villas according to the various needs of customers,each layer of materials used in the light steel villas has its own unique properties and make sure the houses is beautiful 、firm、durable and safe.

This house type is suitable for self-occupation,the exterior of this villa is pale yellow exterior wall hanging panel、blue asphalt shingles and gray cultural stone.The house as a whole seems to have a warm feeling.The bedrooms on the second floor all have balconies or windows in the same direction to make sure your bedrooms can gets enough light.The house type is suitable for 4-6 people to live.

Why you should opt for light steel house residential?

The majority of you will be unaware of light steel house residential and its increasing popularity. Before we discuss the benefits of choosing a light steel home, let’s first talk about its structure. Purchasing a house is a big investment that’s why most of the individuals consider many things before making any buying decision. Unlike the traditional brick-and-cement homes, a light steel house residential building construction requires less investment. Besides money, it provides a secure and safe investment for a lifetime. It’s because steel is used in the manufacturing of light steel houses, thus they have a safe, strong framework.

Here at Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel House Co., Ltd., you can purchase light steel house residential in various designs. One of our best-selling light steel residential building constructions is H-1004W. The site area of this house is 9.7×7.8m and it has 4 rooms, 3 halls, and 2 bathrooms. The building height between the ground and the first floor is 3 meters whereas the height between the first and second floor is 2.8 meters. There are several benefits of living in An Mei Jie light steel houses. Some of these benefits are listed below.

  • A light steel house residential is easy, fast, and short (nearly 50% quicker than traditional methods).

  • It has outstanding performance characteristics i.e. thermal insulation, fire resistance, damp proofing, and acoustic insulation.

  • High level of accuracy, quality control, and protection from shrinkage, decreasing call-backs for defects.

  • It has excellent earthquake-proof and flood-resistant characteristics.

  • It is capable of withstanding high wind loads.

  •  Minimum annoyance to the neighborhood during light steel residential building construction.

  • Recycling of waste in manufacture and decrease of on-site waste.

  • The best thing about a light steel house is that it remains cool in summer and warm in winter.

  • Structural strength and capability to build large openings and long spans.

  • Steel is a non-combustible material and doesn’t catch fire when used in a light steel building.

  • Protection against fire is usually delivered by the boards that are utilized for internal linings, such as gypsum-based boards.

  • Pre-boarded light steel panels and modules are fire protected prior to delivery to the construction site.

  • Light steel modules, floors, and walls are easy to repair after small fires.

  • Beautiful exterior to attract the attention of visitors. Design can be personalized as per the requirements of the client.

  • Fast transportation pace and less noise during construction.

  • High walls up to 5 meters are easily attainable.

  • Non-loadbearing stud walls are adaptable in case of future space requirements.

  •  Light steel walls can support a variety of cladding systems.

  • The material used in the construction of light steel walls is environment-friendly and durable.

  • It has energy conservation characteristics.

  • Each material undergoes strict quality testing and has different standard specifications.

  • It is maintenance-free and dimensionally stable.

  • A light steel building can last up to 250 years in a warm environment.

  • Light steel construction is protected from rust.

  • Steel doesn’t warp, change, or shrink its shape.





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