• Model:TH-7001W
  • Unit area: 698㎡
  • House pattern: sixteen rooms and eight halls and eight bathrooms
  • Building height between floors: the first storey is 3 meters high,the second floor is 2.8 meters high,the third floor is 2.8 meters high
  • Site area: 17.3×14.3 m

PRODUCT Description


Unit area: 548㎡

House pattern:  fourteen rooms and four halls and four bathrooms

Building height between floors: the first storey is 3 meters high,the second floor is 2.8 meters high

Site area:  23.3×12.8 m

Building performance:  wind resistance、good earthquake-proof characteristics、anti-snow pressure 、damp proofing、fireproof、warm in winter and cool in summer、energy conservation and environmental protection、high security、thermal insulation


1.Dry operations are not affected by the weather conditions.

2.The construction period is short,quick and easy.

3.Direct supply of factory materials,low project cost.

4.Professional design team,for you to design the right house.

5.Professional construction team,and transnational construction.

6.Beautiful appearance ,to meet the personalized requirements of the building.

7.Fast transportation speed、the noisy of the construction is small,and less construction trash.

All the wall materials of light steel house is environmental protection and durable material,each kind of material passes strict quality testing,and different materials have different standard specifications .After passing the strict inspection of the factory,and in the plant for test assembling,making sure no error and then send the materials to the each construction site.Our company will adopt different export standards for different countries to create light steel villas,and we will also design different styles of light steel villas according to the various needs of customers , each layer of materials used in the light steel villas has its own unique properties and make sure the houses is beautiful、firm、durable and safe.

This house type is suitable for self-occupation、resort villa.The appearance of the villa is dark blue asphalt shingles、white exterior wall hanging panel and simulated cultural stone.The front of the house is paved with more cultural stones, which have the feeling of magnificent atmosphere.Door is symmetrical distribution, is a townhouse, with the same gate to enter.This  house type is suitable for 14-20 people to live,belongs to the large-sized villa.

Your Dream Townhouse

Prefab light gauge steel construction is the building method of the future, brought to you today by Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel House Co., Ltd. (An Mei Jie in short). With precise planning and execution, we deliver your dream structures to you in a fraction of the usual construction time. Our light gauge steel houses construction team is reliable and skilled, we promise to give you a satisfactory result when you want to build your dream townhouse.


What Exactly Is Prefab?

Prefabrication, in the case of building homes, means that our company will have already figured exactly where every piece of the house is going before it even reaches the site. There will be no extra materials, and everything will have a designated place, leaving little chance for mindless accidents. This makes the construction process go by extremely fast, so those who may live or work nearby will not have to deal with the site being torn up and noisy for nearly as long. Less time during construction means less labor costs,this also means it will reduced your  expenditure.Our prefab light gauge steel construction remains your best choice for a quick and precise job.


Made to Last

The materials with which we build are great for weather-proofing a home and for making it last a long time in general. Our prefabricated townhouse with light steel is built to withstand earthquakes, can adjust easily to intense winter and summer weather, and conserves energy by being easy to heat and cool. Our materials go through a strict process of testing for durability before they leave the factory, so we make sure that each of our projects gets the same attention and the same reliable structures.


Speaking of Conservation

Our light steel structures leave customers completely satisfied When their goal was to build green new townhouses. The light-weight materials allow the right amount of insulation that makes heating and air-conditioning much easier. You will be saving both energy and money because you won’t have to constantly run those systems in your house, and that is one of the best advantages we offer. An Mei Jie is dedicated to making your home-owning experience easier and cheaper.


The Townhouse

All of our structures are built with the help of designers at the top of their game, and they will work with you to create your dream space. Our TH-7001W townhouse is equipped with fourteen rooms, four halls, and four bathrooms. Meant to accommodate the living of fourteen to twenty people, this design gives you so many options as far as what you want to do with your space. There is plenty of room to rent out the other side of your townhouse if your family doesn’t require all that room, or you could spread out and have multiple different offices, studios, and work spaces throughout. Our prefab light gauge steel construction will allow you to make the space exactly how you want it, and we will get it done the right way. Reach out to An Mei Jie to start planning your new and gorgeous home.





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