Insulated Light Steel Security Kiosks Are Much Needed !

  • Date:2022/01/10

Although it is past the beginning of autumn, it is still suffering from high temperature in the surrounding areas of Guangdong. People who work outdoors are sweaty and unbearable. For example, the security guards in each company and each area are not always able to work indoors, so it is essential to stand guard and patrol. Every summer, many security guards suffer from heatstroke because of the hot weather. That's because we didn't choose the right material for the security room.



(stainless steel security Pavilion)

Stainless steel security Pavilion, when the sun shines, the stainless steel is hot, and the environment inside is like a steamer, which is difficult to breathe.



(brick concrete security Pavilion)


Brick and concrete security Pavilion, brick and concrete materials are not only airtight, but also expensive. Even when the sun goes down, the material of brick and concrete still stores a lot of heat and is still suffering. Therefore, a light steel building construction like security room with warm winter and cool summer can solve these problems. The first business card of a company and tourist area is the facade. The facade is exquisite. You can get twice the result with half the effort. Let's introduce some exquisite and affordable security kiosks.

1. Sun shading security room


Basic information

Floor area: 31.2 square meters

Indoor area: 6m x 3m

Number of building floors: one floor

Building structure: light steel structure

Design style: simple


This house has a good shading area, which is suitable for security guards who need to stand guard. The material is firm and durable, breathable and ventilated, and has good comfort. The large window facilitates the registration of visitors. It is suitable for scenic spots, property management, companies and enterprises.


2. Compact security room


Basic information

Floor area: 6.25 square meters

Number of building floors: one floor

Building structure: light steel structure

Design style: American Pastoral


This house type is relatively small and suitable for construction in places with small facade area. Refreshing color matching makes you shine. The white lines outline the security room, making it more three-dimensional. Suitable for security guards who need to watch shifts at night.


3. Double deck security room



Basic information

Floor area: 24m2

Building area: 48m2

Building floors: two floors

Building structure: light steel structure

Design style: new Chinese style


The design of this house type is divided into two areas. The first floor is the work area, and the interior layout is office and bathroom. The second floor is the rest area with bedrooms. It is more suitable for the personnel on duty of warehouse, community property, etc.


The light steel security room designed by Anmeijie is made of specially selected materials, with the characteristics of earthquake resistance and wind resistance, moisture-proof and fire prevention, warm in winter and cool in summer, energy conservation and environmental protection. And the manufacturer customized, price concessions.




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