How To Create A Beautiful And Practical Holiday Tourism Stay ?

  • Date:2022/02/12

In this way, it is beautiful and practical to build holiday tourism home stay ! Many investors are worried about how to build tourist accommodation. Pursue the beauty of the holy land of online red punch in? Or the pursuit of practical and comfortable living environment? Find AnMeijie to design and build a house, beautiful and practical ! Today I'd like to introduce a tourist home stay.




  • (overall effect drawing)
  • Basic information
  • Floor area: 32m x8m
  • Building area: 851.2 ㎡
  • Number of floors: 4
  • Floor height: 3.4m

According to the customized requirements of customers, customers prefer Chinese architecture to match the local tourism scenery. Therefore, the overall color of the B & B is warm yellow, with Longjiao eaves, highlighting the Chinese atmosphere. The appearance is yellow asphalt tile, yellow imitation cultural stone, brown pattern cultural stone and galvanized guardrail.



(First floor plan)



(Second floor plan)


(Third floor plan)


1、 The layout of the second and third floors is the same, maximizing the number of houses. It has six single double bed bedrooms, one large suite, and two bedrooms with one bathroom, one kitchen and one living room. The small single room is convenient for couples and individuals to travel and live on vacation, and the large suite is convenient for family fun. The middle of the building is a staircase with symmetrical beauty. The special galvanized guardrail of AMJ greatly improves the safety factor of the home stay.


(Fourth floor plan)

The layout of the fourth floor is a large suite with one bathroom, one kitchen and one living room, two bedrooms and terraces on both sides, which can allow tourists to enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the nearby scenery. At ordinary times, some customers think that they can quote by hand drawing drawings, but in fact, when you do not determine the plan and effect drawing, you can only make a cost estimation, and the estimation deviation will be large. If you need an accurate budget quotation table, you need to determine the plan and effect drawing, because different plans, different areas and different effect drawings use different materials for the outer wall. For example, in the figure below, the same house type, different guardrails or external wall hanging plates will affect the final quotation.



(effect drawing of glass guardrail)



(effect drawing of stone flower bottle)


Considering the safety factor of home stay, the customer finally chose the renderings with galvanized guardrails. When designing drawings, customers can tell their ideas to business managers or designers, and communicate enough to achieve the ideal design effect. In addition to building light steel house for accommodation, AMJ can also build a variety of steel structure projects, such as light steel hotels, large factories, steel structure shopping malls, rental dormitory buildings, high-rise apartments, etc. If necessary, please leave a message in the official account or contact the business manager around you.




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