Light Steel CCCC Office Building

Project Name: Office Building of CCCC

Location: Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

Construction time: 60 days

If you are thinking of getting an office space for your start-up, you should probably give some thoughts on a prefabricated office building. If your business is based out of China, you must have come across of the name Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel House Co., Ltd. (An Mei Jie in Short). It is one of the biggest light steel construction companies in China that has built over a thousand of properties across the country. These properties are basically residential or office spaces that are made of light steel. Steel, as a construction material, is still very underrated. It doesn’t get the appreciation and recognition it deserves. People always perfect concrete or wooden based buildings over steel buildings. However, this mentality is changing gradually. Prefabricated steel buildings are coming in trend these days as they should. Let us look at why a light steel office building is better than the other types of office buildings.


One of the most talked-about benefits of having an industrial office light steel building is its durability. Yes, a prefabricated steel office complex is more durable than a wooden or concrete structure. These buildings can withstand intense cyclones, provide ample wind resistance, and can be temperature controlled From heavy snowfall to hot summer. These buildings will stay standing. Also, since these are not made of iron, the rusting issue is solved as well. It increases the life span further of such a prefabricated office building.


The building plans for a light steel office building are flexible and versatile in nature. Since these prefabricated steel buildings come with no interior panels, customizing the interiors becomes extremely simple and efficient. The ceiling can be as high as you want, and that brings the royalty to the entire looks. The large sliding doors or rolling windows can be beneficial for an office space. These buildings support future expansion by adding more prefabricated columns on the side where you would want the area to be expanded.


The turnaround time for the construction of such buildings is very less. The assembly of light steel office building is easy and extremely simple. You will be surprised to know how quickly these buildings can be erected when you compare the construction time of a traditional office building with the steel office building. You just have to contact An Mei Jie, and the people you need to talk with will set you up with the designers and the engineers. Once you finalize the rate and design, it is just a matter of days that you will have your own office building erected in front of your eyes.


These buildings are incredibly cost-efficient, and the maintenance cost is far less than the traditional buildings. Even the repair costs are cheaper than the usual concrete or wooden structures. What are you waiting for? Please go and visit their website: for more information. Contact the company and get yourself a brand new industrial office light steel building.




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