You will don’t want to leave when you live in this homestay hotel

  • Date:2020/10/13

As the summer vacation draws to a close, have you just noticed that all the homestay hotel in our country are full? Do you seem to have missed a few hundred million? Seize the investment opportunity is more important! Nowadays, many parents take their children out on vacation. After the epidemic, people are turning to domestic travel, and the homestay hotel business is booming.

Today I would like to recommend a relatively large light steel homestay hotel. If you are interested in becoming a boss of  homestay hotel, don't miss it.


Basic information

Floor space39.6m X 19.6m

Layerthree layers

Setthree houses

Building structurallight steel structure

The appearance of the relatively simple design, dark blue asphalt shingles, white wall hanging board, white wall body, plus the outline of black lines, make the home stay more three-dimensional sense. Multi-window design, so that the lighting degree of the home stay better. The home stay facility is divided into 3 buildings, from left to right, namely Building A, Building B and Building C.


Ground floor plan

The first floor of Building A has 4 double rooms, the first floor of building B has 5 double rooms, and the first floor of building C has A front desk hall, kitchen, sanitation, dining room and 2 double rooms. Residents on the ground floor have easy access to a swimming pool between the three buildings.


First floor plansecond floor plan

The pattern of the second floor and the third floor is the same. The second floor of Building A has 4 double-bed rooms, the second floor of building B has 5 double-bed rooms, and the second floor of building C has 2 double-bed rooms. A family-style comprehensive room with double beds and upper and lower beds is suitable for family travel and living. Another family guest room with 3 bathrooms and 3 showers, while the other twin rooms have their own bathroom.



From now on, you should look for Anmeijie to build a home stay investment, and in National Day, annual leave, you can earn your ideal bucket of gold in 2020.

Anmeijie light Steel house, elegant interior, home appliances can be included, so that you can easily invest, save time and worry. For more light steel home stay style, please contact us.






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