Why You Should Choose Light Steel Frame Home ?

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  • Date:2021/08/27

Light steel frame homes construction techniques offers effective and risk free solutions meeting today's diverse needs of property owners, developers, investors, private contractors and public organizations. Light steel ensures quickness and reliability. It has evolved as a flexible framework and is used for different purposes. In recent years it has emerged as one of the leading building materials used worldwide. The steel structure has emerged as the best option to meet the increasing housing requirements.


The high quality construction material is available in varying sizes and designs and comes with the necessary warranties to secure your investment. Available in various styles like traditional, conventional, lavish, low maintenance, custom-made, pre-designed, beach front and other styles, steel frame houses offer you durable and strong homes for your growing family. These light steel frame house designs are to meet various design preferences and easy to maintain and manage. You can find a number of advantages and benefits of light steel frame houses over traditional houses:


Durable and Strong Durability: One of the major advantages offered by light steel frames house over traditional systems is its durability and strength. It offers high load bearing capacity that guarantees long-lasting and reliable construction. This feature enables you to carry out varied construction works without any fear of having your work compromised. Durability and strength not only help you carry out your construction work smoothly but also add to the overall value of your property. Traditionally, conventional system uses hardy species of trees like cedars, redwood, juniper, cypress, Douglas fir and so on, while providing good insulation to protect the structure from extreme weather conditions. However, most of these trees require extensive maintenance, insecticides, and periodic treatment for pests.


Affordable Cost: Most of the traditional homes usually cost more than light-steel-frame homes because they are made using traditional methods. On the other hand, using this technology increases the cost of your home substantially. In fact, it would cost you much less in the long run because you need not use costly insecticides and regular treatment against termites as in the case of conventional systems. You will also need less labor force to maintain your home in comparison to conventional systems. Lastly, this kind of construction material requires low maintenance cost, which ensures that your energy bills remain at a minimum.


Energy Efficient: Another major advantage of light steel frame houses is their energy efficiency. This is because these houses feature extra insulation layers between the outer wall and the internal walls, which reduce internal air moisture and condensation, thus ensuring better temperature control in your house. With this, your heating and cooling costs are kept at a minimum. Additionally, these structures do not have any visible external walls, thereby saving on the cost of painting and roofing. 




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