Why is the seismic effect of light steel villa good?

  • Date:2020/06/15

Many people have wondered why residents living near the earthquake zone chose to build light steel villas.Why the earthquake resistance capacity of light steel villas is higher than that of traditional houses? The following is an expansion of the knowledge points.

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Anti-Seismic effect of brick and concrete houses


Anti-Seismic effect of light steel houses

The earthquake grade of the light steel villa is 9, so please do not blindly trust the liar company's exaggerated lies.

Light steel villa seismic performance is good, light steel villa due to the light weight, the weight of the unit area is only equivalent to the weight of the brick-concrete structure of the same area 1/4, so its foundation treatment is simple, suitable for most geological conditions, seismic performance is far better than the traditional concrete and brick-concrete residence.


Anatomy of a light steel villa

The whole structure of the earthquake-resistant light steel house has been specially designed

1horizontally Lateral is what we call the horizontal direction of the ground, in which the building is subjected to the shear waves of the earthquake.It's like the impact of a flood on a pier, for example.Therefore, when we design the building foundation, it is better to give priority to the pile foundation.


The Australia case

What is mentioned here is the structure of the wall of the house,because the house is face the process of horizontal twist or movement, the main consideration is the flexibility and toughness of the house. In the case of the shear wave impact of the earthquake, the house is swayed from side to side, not the direct impact.Therefore, the structural treatment of the building should meet the scalability of the building.


The case of Yunnan travel homestay

The housing with light steel structure is formed in the form of shear wall, the whole house is a box, box structure.So the flexibility and toughness are relatively good.So in the face of shaking, the torsion has a cushioning effect, softening the stiffness, reducing the impact to achieve the house safety effect.


The case of Guangdong Huizhou Townhouse farm

lengthwaysThe longitudinal direction is what we call the vertical direction of the ground, where the building is subjected to the longitudinal wave of the earthquake.The compressional wave's destructive force on the building is determined by the gravitational acceleration and the building'sown weight.The greater the gravity acceleration, the greater the longitudinal impact of the building during the earthquake, the greater the weight ofthe building itself, the greater the forced vibration impact of the earthquake.


The case of Thailand high-endLight and heavy steel combination villa

Thus, it can also be explained that the higher the floor we live on, the stronger the earthquake feels.The longitudinal impact of the building is effectively mitigated.This safe and stable box will not cause walls to collapse or floors to fall in an earthquake.Natural disasters are inevitable, so for the safety of your family, it's time to build them a light steel villa.Saving for a rainy day is king!

Light steel villas in addition to seismic performance, wind resistance, snow pressure, fire, waterproof, insect control, sound insulation and other properties.The overall cost only needs the down payment of commercial houses in the second and third-tier cities. The price is favorable, the house is durable, and the construction is easy to worry about. Please choose Anmeijie Light Steel House.





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