Why do we choose light steel houses?

  • Date:2020/07/16

With the rapid development of society, the quality of people's food, clothing, housing and transportation has been constantly improved. In the aspect of living, people attach great importance to it. While we are still immersed in the brick-concrete structure of red brick houses, the foreign countries have completely replaced the light steel building materials. Because of the maturity of technology, light steel houses will be more able to meet modern people's high requirements for living.

For Chinese people with traditional ideas, light steel houses may be new, and a little unreliable. Especially for rural people, the way to choose to build houses is generally reinforced concrete structure or brick-concrete structure, less people will accept the use of light steel materials to build houses. People who do not know about light steel often think that it is too light to withstand external forces and is not as strong as concrete. But in fact, the various aspects of the light steel house will surprise you.


What kind of charm does light steel house have after all? I’ll take you to count a turn.

1Good durability

The material of light steel house is made of high-strength aluminized steel, which can effectively avoid the corrosion of steel components in the process of use, and the corrosion resistance can reach more than 100 years. Light steel building technology has a hundred years of history outside the state, now foreign countries can be seen everywhere light steel 100 years old room, as long as the interior refurbishment gently, still can live safely.

2The fast construction time

The cycle of traditional buildings is too long, which will seriously affect the surrounding environment and make the owners worry too much. However, a light steel house can be completed in 30 days. The construction of light steel structure houses is less affected by weather and seasons, and can be carried out under various climatic conditions, realizing the uninterrupted construction throughout the year, far exceeding the speed of brick and concrete buildings. The construction process of unification, mechanization, specialization, drawing, commercialization, so that the overall quality of light steel housing is guaranteed.


3Energy conservation and environment 

Traditional brick-transported buildings generate hundreds of millions of tons of construction waste every year, and the energy consumption of traditional residential buildings accounts for 27.5% of the terminal energy consumption of the whole society, which is a typical extensive development model. Sand, ash and dust generated during construction cannot be avoided, which is also one of the important reasons for haze.The residential buildings with light steel structure are all composed of cold-formed thin-wall steel structure as the load-bearing skeleton and light wall material as the maintenance structure. During construction, it can reduce the noise on site, reduce the discharge of waste water, dust and other problems. Moreover, when the buildings are used or demolished, the recovery profit rate of light steel houses is as high as 90%, which cannot be achieved by traditional buildings. Light steel houses also have the effect of insulation, reducing the use of energy, to achieve a true architectural civilization.

4 Multiplicities of styles

Traditional brick-concrete houses are not built in many architectural styles, which greatly limits people's expectations of housing. If you want to make a different kind of home, you need a light steel building. Light steel structure can be customized according to the needs of users, a variety of styles, you can build your dream home. Don't know how to design a house? The United Building can also provide you with many designs to choose from. There will always be one that suits your taste.


5Anti-seismic and wind-resistant performance

Safety is one of the important criteria to observe the quality of a house. The light steel houses can withstand typhoon of 14 or above, the earthquake resistance index reaches 9, the roof can withstand 1.5 meters of snow.When the earthquake disaster comes, because the earthquake activity is left and right and up and down, so the light steel structure connected with fasteners forms a safe and stable box, which will not cause the wall collapse or floor fall to endanger the personal safety due to the shaking of the earthquake.Due to the excellent physical and mechanical properties of steel, ultra-light steel structure houses have the characteristics of large overall stability, high component strength and light structural dead weight, which are far superior to other structures under rare disasters such as earthquake and hurricane.

6Good soundproof effect

Light steel house has a very good sound insulation performance. The wall of light steel villa adopts multi-layer composite wall. After field sound insulation test, the experiment shows that the sound insulation performance reaches level 6, and the sound insulation volume of the wall is ≥45 dB. So there is no need to worry about the problem of sound insulation affecting rest and rest.


7High performance cost ratio

The construction cost of light steel will be lower than that of traditional brick and concrete buildings. Prices of brick, sand and ash materials have risen sharply. The light steel building has better cost performance than the traditional brick and concrete structure. After the building of brick and concrete houses, in order to be beautiful and thermal insulation effect, often have to do extra external decoration and thermal insulation, and light steel structure houses in place at one time, will not involve secondary costs.

8Living space

Under the same area and housing performance, the wall thickness of light steel building is small, reducing the space occupied by wide beam and column, and increasing the effective use area.


9Heat insulation

Because the insulation of light steel structure house is better than that of brick and concrete house, it is warm in winter and cool in summer, so the cost of air conditioning and heating in the later period of reducing energy consumption will be greatly reduced.


Light steel houses, whether the foundation, interior, exterior, all adopt special waterproof treatment measures, can resist the perennial rain and other climate, prevent moisture and mold, corrosion. The perimeter of the whole wall is sealed with one - way breathing paper.This seal can insulate outdoor moisture from entering the room, while preventing harmful substances in the outdoor atmosphere from corroding metal materials, and can also eliminate indoor moisture.


In recent years, the awareness of light steel has begun to "introduce", the rise of the rural light steel villa boom. The price of light steel can have all the performance beyond civil construction, you want to build a house from the need to hesitate? The United Building specializes in building your dream home, please contact us!





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