Why Do We Choose Glass Wool Instead of Rock Wool In Light Steel Villa?

  • Date:2021/12/22

When we move into light steel holiday villas, we often feel that the effect of warm winter and cool summer is much better than the effect of brick and concrete buildings, because light steel villas contain a layer of thermal insulation material - glass wool. Some people always say, glass wool is not rock wool? Let's analyze the differences and advantages and disadvantages of the two.


Glass wool is glass as the main raw material and then mixed in accordance with a certain proportion of other accessories into the glass furnace after full melting, the melted solution will flow out of the drain plate, into the centrifugal device. Operate at a high speed centrifuge, the centrifugal machine high speed will be thrown into a glass trickle, in under the action of high temperature and high speed of flame, glass was further stretching trickle into fiber, then spray adhesives, in the collection of cotton net with negative pressure under the action of wind, attached the fiber composed of resin adhesives in the movement of the network, formed a uniform cotton blanket, and then by the constant temperature curing furnace, Complete the curing process, the product finalize the design, after the design is cut into a predetermined product, and then packaging.





(High quality glass wool)

Rock wool products are made of fine basalt as the main raw material, after high temperature melting, made of inorganic fiber by high-speed centrifugal equipment, and then add special binder and dustproof oil by swinging with mat and through special equipment to change the fiber arrangement structure, and finally made of new light insulation material by solidification. According to different uses can be processed rock wool board, rock wool seam felt, rock wool shell and other products.




(rock wool)

Let's focus on the advantages of glass wool

One: Recycling

The raw materials are natural quartz sand, soda ash, recycled broken glass and so on. The granularity of raw materials is strictly controlled, and the mixture is uniform and sufficient, which is conducive to melting.

Two: glass wool insulation

The thin and thin glass fibers are tightly interlaced, and the rich air layer inside plays a good heat insulation role. It is a kind of efficient heat insulation material

Three: glass wool sound insulation and sound absorption

The internal fibers are fluffy and interlaced, and there are a lot of tiny pores. It is a typical porous sound absorbing material with good sound absorption characteristics.

Four: glass wool is easier to transport than rock wool

Thin fiber, roll felt products, vacuum packaging, compression can save a lot of transportation and storage costs

Five: glass wool than rock wool handling convenience

Low bulk density, light weight, small size, suitable for on-site handling.




Six: glass wool construction efficiency is higher than rock wool

Roll felt products, soft texture, easy to cut on site, whole sheet laying, save labor time, improve construction efficiency.

Seven: glass wool than rock wool safety fire

Class A non-combustible material, 350℃ high temperature, performance unchanged, no toxic and harmful gas, no smoke, no slag, no flame spread.

Eight: glass wool more durable than rock wool

The fiber is closely connected and does not contain slag ball, which will not be deformed and piled up by vibration. It can guarantee the use of 30 years and will not collapse.

Nine: glass wool than rock wool health and safety

No residue ball, no irritation to skin, to ensure the health and safety of personnel.

Ten: glass wool than rock wool green environmental protection

The raw materials of the products all come from the abundant minerals in nature, non-toxic and pollution-free.




In general, glass wool has the characteristics of good molding, low volume density, thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, sound absorption, corrosion resistance, and stable chemical properties. Rock wool has the characteristics of light weight, small thermal conductivity, heat absorption and non-combustion. So when it comes to choosing materials to build a light steel holiday house, will you choose them?




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