What Strengths The Light Steel Frame Houses Embody ?

  • By:Amjsteel
  • Date:2021/11/18

The light steel frame house is pre-designed and arrives on site with a complete kit, ready to be assembled. All frame components have been labeled, drilled, punched, marked and are ready to be bolted or screwed together. We've also provided a detailed building plan and related assembly instructions to show how to build each wall, opening, and truss. Our house is easy to build and all of the components can be bolted and screwed together quickly and easily.


Additionally, lightweight steel frame homes can be built on a variety of foundation options and can be completed with a variety of exterior materials including traditional bricks and drywall siding. When completed, the light steel frame house is no different from the traditional construction house, but it has many advantages that are inherent in steel.


Advantages of steel frame construction on site

The exterior shell of a light steel construction can be built in less than a week, providing a weather-free environment in a short period of time. The construction speed of light metal frame houses is 30% faster than that of traditional houses.


In addition, because inclement weather will not prevent the installation of the frame, the construction schedule is improved. The steel frame structure will not warp or shrink, reducing obstruction and recall on site. Due to the structural integrity of steel, lightweight metal frame homes can be designed and manufactured in factories with extremely high tolerances resulting in precise and precise structures.


The advantages of light metal frame houses

The walls of the metal frame house can hold 30% more heat than what building regulations require, so the steel structure house will be more comfortable and operating costs will be significantly reduced. Plus, since steel frame construction dramatically shortens construction time, new homeowners can move into their homes faster than those using traditional building methods.


You do not know where to start ? Amjsteel provides a complete turnkey solution. We have our own professionals, including architects, structural engineers and certified plumbers, electricians and construction contractors, and we will always implement health and safety plans on site.




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