What Is Light Steel Structure Warehouse ?

  • By:Amjsteel
  • Date:2021/08/19

Light steel structure warehouse is a unique form of warehouse established on the basis of light steel framework. Compared to regular steel building, it possesses better economic index than normal steel construction. Not only steel strength, light weight, high cost-effective construction, but also has an excellent seismic capability, is widely being utilized in several industrial sectors.


In addition, the light weight of the steel warehouse buildings can be utilized with reduced number of crane needs. A warehouse constructed with conventional methods involves a heavy-duty crane with minimum space and access for the workers and material handling. The conventional crane is difficult to move around with the changing loading or unloading area of the building area. Furthermore, heavy-duty cranes require frequent servicing for repairs and have higher up-keep cost as compared to other types of crane available in the market.


With the application of overhead cranes in the traditional warehouses, the up-keep cost has increased over the years. Moreover, heavy-duty overhead cranes are limited to the span of its boom arm. With the use of light duty crane, there is availability of boom arm span of up to 200 feet, which is more than the national standard. This added feature of a light structure will help to minimize the overhead crane installation costs.


Light steel structure warehouses will also substantially reduce labor costs. With reduced need for manual work and greater flexibility of working area, the working period is greatly reduced. There will be minimal disturbance to the environment due to manual work and fewer opportunities for accidents on construction sites. Reduced labor costs have a direct impact to the bottom-line of the organization in terms of overall financial performance.


Light steel frame warehouses can be easily tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of any specific company or type of merchandise to be stored. A steel frame warehouse has been designed for long-term storage of goods, while still being highly flexible to changing seasonal demands. The traditional warehouse buildings have their limitations in terms of height and width of doorways. Light structures will add an additional level of flexibility to the warehousing process of any business.




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