What Is Light Gauge Steel Roof Trusses ?

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  • Date:2021/08/05

The light gauge steel roof trusses systems offers greater strength, longevity, and numerous benefits than using untreated wood trusses, which are inherently susceptible to termites, which in turn increase costs, labor and reduce construction time. Using light gauge steel roof trusses can greatly reduce expenses associated with materials, labour, shipping and save on construction time without compromising performance. 


The truss system utilizes galvanized steel as the main component in the design and fabrication of trusses that are commonly used in the residential, commercial and industrial markets. These galvanized steel trusses feature a powder coating of zinc and then finished with a powder coat of aluminum to ensure long lasting performance and to further protect against corrosion.


Light gauge steel roof trusses are comprised of several positive features, which include superior fire resistance, which makes these steel trusses able to resist extreme heat and resist damage from water intrusion. The zinc coating finishes are specifically designed to ensure rust and corrosion resistivity, making it one of the most effective materials for use in the manufacture of light gauge steel roof trusses that are used for aesthetic and safety purposes in applications where aesthetic appeal is desired. 


Typically, Light gauge steel roof trusses as the main ingredient in the fabrication to achieve strength in critical areas of the building, which results in better resistance to natural elements, such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Additionally, the structure of these trusses is highly flexible and long lasting, ensuring that they will provide safe and reliable support for all kinds of building applications. 





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