United Building participated in the 124th Canton Fair,the travel motor home,which attracted people’s attention

  • Date:2020/01/11

The 124th Canton Fair opened in Guangzhou on October 15,2018,each session of the Fair has attracted visitors from all over the world,with the latest technology and products to show up to find greater business opportunities,to open up a new international journey.

According to 16 categories of commodities,the fair has 51 exhibition areas,59647 booths and 24947 exhibitors.This Canton Fair is total of 636 enterprises from 34 countries and regions participated in the import exhibition .Among them,381 enterprises from 17 “One Belt And One Road” participating countries and regions participated in the exhibition,becoming the main body of the import exhibition of Canton Fair,the characteristics of “global exchange,innovation and win-win” are more prominent.United Building as the youngest exhibitor,we must show the most vibrant aspect in the Fair.

With people's love for self-driving travel, in order to cater to such a good development opportunity, this time the group to participate in the vehicle class, brought a refined station wagon house.The exterior of the garage is inclined to the American rural style,and the effect of imitation wood designed to cater to people who yearn for nature .Travel motor home is made of green light steel material,allowing you to travel with light and reduce load on the road.The travel motor home made of light steel has extremely high safety performance.Good thermal insulation performance,travel motor home can also be warm in winter and cool in summer.

Interior decoration is more unexpected,bedroom,kitchen,wore area,entertainment area,each area can reasonably use the space of motor home,convenient and satisfactory.Each layout is carefully designed by United Building designers to give travelers a better home experience.

Site conditions:there is a lot of visitors and in full swing.

At the Canton Fair,United Building takes the high-end creative brand route,and the distinctive travel motor home appears fresh and refined in the numerous exhibitors,attracting buyers from all over the world to stop and enjoy and experience the motor home.Suddenly the motor home became crowded.Although the weather is unpredictable,occasionally light rain,but can not quench the enthusiasm of buyers watching,came to consult people in an endless stream.Thus proved the travel motor home a variety of performance amazing,extremely attractive.

Take advantage of the Canton Fair: strive to expand the international market

If you want to based on the market,you must keep pace with the times.Understanding customer’s needs has become a top priority.Constantly adapt to the needs of customers,focus on innovation,to stand firm.With the help of the 124th Canton Fair to seize the construction opportunity of  “One Belt And One Road” ,United Building again enhance the brand influence.Strive to make progress together with the industry, to carry out mutual assistance and mutual benefit mode, towards the road of win-win cooperation.United Building is a professional manufacturer of light steel villas,set design,production,construction,marketing integration of professional companyBuildings  have been exported to New Zealand,Australia,South Asia,the United States and other places.We hope to learn from the experience of the Canton Fair,continue to build light steel innovative products,and work together towards a better future.

The Canton Fair has become the primary promotion platform for China's foreign trade, a weathervane for China's foreign trade, and a window and symbol of China's opening to the outside world.Some people think that the Canton Fair is a “school”,but for the United Building,every Canton Fair is a transformation from cocoon to butterfly,accumulating experience and wealth,based on the market,innovation,people-oriented,international,this is the fundamental to participate in the Canton Fair.





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