Tourist resort built this way, must become Internet celebrity famous scenic spot!

  • Date:2020/08/17

With the increasing demand for leisure vacation, many web celebrity vacation areas have emerged. Tourism consumption is also developing in a diversified way, and developers are happy to create such a tourist resort that integrates eating, drinking and playing with fun. An excellent resort, must be a superior environment, perfect facilities, outstanding scenic spots, enthusiastic service, will be welcomed by consumers.

Therefore, the developer must first grasp the consumer's eye, in order to stand out. A comfortable and beautiful holiday home is essential. The following I will introduce 2 house types suitable for vacation area.

1Group type vacation homes

The design style of this family is Japanese style, in order to have the feeling of Japanese hotel, the designer specially uses the burlywood for the main body.The exterior of the house is burlywood asphalt shingles, walls as custom aluminum art, wood grain cement fiberboard. Waterproof wood flooring is used outdoors. Overall multi-window multi-door design, full lighting. Bubble pool partition, safeguard privacy. At the same time, there is a public pool, suitable for chatting.


Basic information

Floor space246.44

Construction scale20.2m X 12.2m

Floor area151

Building storeyone layer

Building structurelight steel structure

Interior layoutone living room and two bedrooms and three bathrooms and two shower rooms and three bubble pools and one courtyard and two balconies


The house type is suitable for company group travel, family travel, friends gathering, etc., 3~5 people in a group travel living. The environmental design of health hot spring is very suitable for group travel , such a tourist resort building has the potential of web celebrity outbreak.


2A holiday house for lovers

This house is also Japanese style, and the group type holiday house is different, the house is smaller, is a good place for 2 people to date and enhance their relationship.


Basic information

Floor space132.24

Construction scale11.6m X 11.4m

Floor area89

Building storeyone layer

Building structurelight steel structure

Interior layoutone living room and one bedroom and two bathrooms and one bubble pool and one landscape pavilion


It is suitable for honeymoon, dating, girls travel, small population family, 2~3 people in a group. Good holiday atmosphere, let a person get relaxed in quiet. Romantic curtain landscape pavilion, more popular with the younger generation.

To build a good tourist resort, many factors must be supported. A quick, safe and beautiful holiday home is also an important consideration for developers. Anmeijie Light Steel Housing Co., LTD. Can help you easily create theme vacation homes in 30 days.

The superiorities of light steel building

  1. Light steel villa light steel structure accessories production factory and mechanization degree, high degree of commercialization.

  2. Light steel villa site construction speed, will not affect nearby residents conducive to civilized construction.

  3. The steel structure building of light steel villa is the sustainable development product of environmental protection.

    4Light steel villa has light deadweight and good seismic performance.

    5The comprehensive economic index of the light steel villa is not higher than the reinforced concrete structure.

    6Compared with brick and concrete houses, light steel villas can avoid the waste of resources brought by burning bricks with soil

    7Because the wall thickness of the light steel structure is small, the effective area can be increased compared with the brick-concrete structure.

    8Compared with the reinforced concrete residence, the steel of the light steel structure can be recycled in the future, but the concrete cannot be recycled,in the future, it must be construction waste, causing environmental pressure. Moreover, it will take 40 years for the concrete to dry completely.But light steel structures do not use concrete at all, so this problem does not exist.

    9Light steel villas have good seismic performance. Because the earthquake movement is left and right and up and down, the light steel structure with screws together forms a safe and stable box, which will not cause the wall to collapse or the floor to fall down due to the shaking of the earthquake.

    10Light steel villa construction using dry construction method, will not cause the waste of water data. And save money.





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