This period the most fire house type, want to build a house you must see!(with drawings)

  • Date:2020/06/17

How does the homestead in the home build ability to have style?

Want to impress your neighbors?

This time, the editor to bring you the most popular house type,

The customer saw the effect drawing for reference

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What's so special about it?

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Basic information

The house type area227.68

The house type patternfive  bedrooms and four living rooms and four bathrooms and one kitchen and one  locker room and one terrace

The storey height of buildingthe ground floor is 3.3m,the first floor is 3.2m,the second floor is 3m

The site area requirement10.9mX 8.5m


The appearance design

This door model is contracted small Europe type style, low-key luxuriant. The dark blue asphalt tile top, the hoary wall body and the simulation culture stone combine to give the air style. The designer adopts the high window design, which brings a little European feeling to the villa, just like visiting a European town. The waist line of wall body makes villa more stereo. The design of much window, can increase daylighting degree, economize use electricity. The big balcony of top floor is designed, still accord with the life habit of owner daily air basks in article, beautiful and practical.


The ground floor plan

The layout of the first floor is one room, one bathroom, one kitchen and two halls. When enter the door can see capacious hollow big sitting room, when have a number of guests to visit the home, also can easily accommodate. The bedroom of the first floor can do old person room, convenient ambulate, need not climb stair. The separation of kitchen and toilet doorway has relatively appropriate distance, avoid the awkwardness of string flavour. The kitchen adopts pathway door design, lest lampblack leak into dining-room.


The first floor

The layout of the second floor is two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a lounge and a cloakroom. The two bedrooms are separated by a hollow living room to protect privacy. Master bedroom set cloakroom, convenient to put a lot of clothes. Rest area can be used for a variety of purposes, hospitality, work, entertainment can be. The person that loves fitness, still can put fitness equipment to wait.


The second floor plan

The layout of the three floors is two bedrooms, one living room, one bathroom and one balcony. The bedroom is side by side at the left side, toilet is installed at the right side, meet the living health requirements. So big terrace is convenient owner daily air basks in clothings, and put tea table to wait, can make hanging garden use, enjoy sunshine bath.





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