The light steel villa with bookish national customs makes your home a beautiful scenery (surprise price)

  • Date:2020/06/17

What is the best style to build a house in the countryside?

That must be a national customs villa.

But recently there has been a national customs craze,

Many clients have written that they want to see the antique villa,

The editor today for you to introduce a bookish national customs of light steel villa case.

What do you think of ancient buildings is stiff?

This new Chinese style will make your eyes shine.

Hurry up to the picture!


Basic information

The house type area383.04

The house type patterneight bedrooms and two living rooms and two bathrooms and one kitchen and one courtyard and two terraces

The storey height of buildingthe ground floor is 3.3m,the first floor is 3.2m

The site area requirement14.4m X13.3m

The appearance design

This house type is new-style Chinese wind, ancient sweet breath is pure and fresh free from vulgarity, it is a small quadrangle dwellings. The exterior is ash black asphalt shingles, white exterior wall paint and grey imitation culture stone combined to give an air style. Stylist used the carved window of copy wood, the window frame of brown makes the house has bookish flavour more. The multi-window design of the house, besides can increase daylighting degree, still can ventilated and save everyday use electricity, design is beautiful and practical.


The layout of the first floor is 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 dining room, 1 kitchen, 1 toilet and 1 big courtyard. When enter the door can see capacious courtyard, can provide a safe play area for the child, still can make a study of an open air, holding a cup of green tea, fine article is tasted book, two ears do not hear outside the window thing, leisurely and complacent. The bedroom on the left is advocate lie, the space is capacious, set cloakroom, convenient put article. Dining room is adjacent with the kitchen, with sitting room bedroom distribution is farther however, lest lampblack string door.


The second floor has 5 bedrooms, 2 terraces and 1 bathroom. The two terraces are connected, and there are corridors to each other. The bedrooms are all wall-mountedThe bedrooms are arranged against the wall and surrounded by a hollow courtyard in the middle. If the weather is fine and sunny, habitant can put tea table to wait in gazebo, can make hanging garden is used,  can enjoy the bath of sunshine in the home.

If family member is more, can design according to such layout, if family member is little, can transform partial bedroom into muti-function room (gym, study, kid toy area, recreational area), such design no matter elder or it is young generation can like.

If more detailed drawings are required

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House prices have come down a lot!

The price is amazing!

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