The hottest house type this month,ready to build a house you have to look!

  • Date:2020/06/22

What type of house are you still don’t know to build?

The standard H-1007W is strongly recommended by the designers of the United Building and Anmeijie

Since the standard house typel was launched last month,

The order quantity of this house has reached 86 sets.

Enough to explain the popularity of this house type.

If still want individual character a bit, still can seek stylist to undertake fine tuning oh!


Basic information

House area197

Patternfour bedrooms and three living rooms and two bathrooms

The storey height of this buildingthe ground floor is 3m,the first floor is 2.8m

The site area requirement11.8m X 11.6 m


The appearance design

Simple and practical American villa, sweet and warm, red brown tile top, with the pastel orange of the wall body formed a bright contrast, like dream and have girl heart you, such low-key luxuriant warm temperament bosom more suitable.Use white to outline the outline of the house, make the whole more have only aesthetic feeling.


The entrance place of one layer avoided ably "see sitting room namely, see dining room namely" inelegant bureau, arc in sitting room is much window hexagonal design, make sitting room daylighting degree is good, still can admire outside the view field with different angle.The kitchen is far away from the door of the toilet, which reduces the smell and conforms to the requirements of human health.


The second floor is dominated by bedrooms, and one of the three bedrooms is a multi-vision bay window bedroom, where more sofa tea tables can be placed to create their own private space.In the middle of the second floor is an entertainment chess and card room. Chess and card room can also lead to a small terrace, leisure enjoy the sun bath, as if in a resort.

Such a thoughtful design,

it just makes you feel better.

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Standard roughcast house can also get more good design.





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