The Budget-Friendly Light Steel Travel Holiday House

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  • Date:2021/01/13

Have you been in search of a light steel house that meets your budget? Well, light steel house prices can be a bit confusing as to whether you can meet such a house at a friendly price. However, AMJ Steel is dedicated to giving you the best quality light steel travel holiday house that will be at a friendly price for affordability purposes.

Not only this, but also this light steel holiday house is made of materials that are environmentally friendly, meeting all the quality testing. The testing is done on different standards specifications indicated, which ensure that the materials used are fully in consensus with construction standards. AMJ Steel not only incorporates the materials they have but also incorporate other countries’ standards in the creating of the light steel villas. This is all centered on ensuring that you get the best quality at the end of the day.

Quality and Durability of the Light Steel Holiday House

The top considerations you need to put in the forefront on any construction is the quality as well as the durability of the construction you receive. This is due to the longevity of the construction always needed. AMJ Steel incorporates the use of a secure and strong solution on your construction needs to ensure that you enjoy the light steel holiday house you receive for a long period of time.

Despite these light steel house being of low prices, the construction done is of high quality together with them being safe on the environment. As a result of this, they are superb if you have been looking to get affordable housing without compromising on your safety as well as the durability of your building.

The light steel construction made from AMJ Steel provides optimal thermal as well as acoustic insulation, which makes this construction suitable in several weather conditions that might be changing. With construction from steel material, you receive many benefits, including the resistance from fire, earthquakes, winds, and many more. 

As a matter of fact, the steel material used is 10 times stronger than the use of concrete material and 21 times flexible than the use of timber material. The durability of this light steel holiday house is unquestionable, considering that it uses a steel material whose durability is more than 600 years. If you are keen enough, you must have noticed that insurance companies offer premiums that are less in comparison to the metal buildings considering the risk of the materials used.

Product Specs

•The product model of this holiday house is V-1007, with the product brand being AMJ Steel

•It covers a site area of 4.4m by 11.5m

•This light steel house contains 4 cozy bedrooms, 2 halls, and 2 luxurious bathrooms

•Suitable for use on 4 to 5 people

•It features an orange exterior wall that has a hanging panel making it to be appealing

•The exterior is made of blue asphalt shingles featuring cultural stone.

•The design used in this house incorporates the need for privacy to ensure that you can have privacy as you live in the house. This is through the static as well as the dynamic separation.

•Its dining room contains a door that opens from the back garden hence allowing easy access to the backyard easily.





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