The Boat House of United Building&AnMeiJie made a brilliant appearance in the 126th autumn Canton Fair.

  • Date:2020/01/13

The 126th China Import and Export Fair was held on October 15 at Guangzhou Pazhou convention and exhibition center officially opened.

The first phase was held from 15 to 19 October,it mainly showed the

Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances, Lighting Equipment, Vehicles & Spare Parts,Machinery, Hardware & Tools, Building Materials, Chemical Industry,Energy Sources Products.

This Canton Fair attracted more than 25,000 enterprises to take part in an exhibition,more than 160,000 items are on display,the product update rate over 30%,the buyers will more than 210 countries and regions will participate in the negotiation.

On-site consultation is hot

The Boat House was  crammed with buyers

Staff are overwhelmed
The opening day of the Canton Fair ushered in the first exhibition small peak.Within 20 minutes of starting,United Building&AnMeiJie quickly got several on-site orders to win a“flying start”.

The chairman of United Building&AnMeiJie take photos with clients

Follow me to take closer look at this exhibition goods  ,

On the booth13.0B38-39

A tourist resort boat house gathers the attention of everyone!

To take a unique experience for buyers!

The appearance of boat house looks like a wooden house ,but in fact the whole house is made of high-quality original aluminum alloy material,is suitable for unique hotels,tourist attractions,resorts and other places.The color of the logs blend perfectly with nature and unique shape so that the original plain place are unique amorous feelings.

The boat house with bedroom,toilet(dry and wet separation),viewing balcony and smart home system.The intelligent system make the space of 34.3 square meters  to have a sense of luxury and comfort.

Inner decorative effect)Small Video Display

Night lighting effect

Night lighting effect

Such a tourist vacation house has the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer,fireproofing and waterproof,sound-insulated noise reduction.The comfortable design allows residents to relax and their worries dissipate.Enjoy a high-quality vacation life,you need this style of boat house.

1.   United Building&AnMeiJie Light Steel House Co.,Ltd is a pilot in the field of light steel construction industry in China,with the dream of popularization and application of green and energy-saving light steel structures to users,we are engaged in designing,manufacturing,construction and marketing.The many places of the country has a light steel keel villa with full-house materials one-stop distribution center . Our company is mainly engaged integrated construction business,design,production,construction,marketing,integrated services and can be professional private custom steel structure building.Many kinds of products developed by the company have been recognized by many countries and regions in the world.In the face of the current market pattern and the steady advance of the “Belt and Road”policy,United Building&AnMeiJie quickly analyzed adjusted the product structure,adapted to the pace of market changes in time,and provided customers with a more high-quality and efficient product program.

This Canton Fair will last for 5 days,United Building&AnMeiJie  will present  the technology and capability of Chinese steel structure houses to global customers.In the future,United Building&AnMeiJie  will continue to enhance its industrial capabilities and leadership,further open up foreign market and jointly promote the industrialization process of global housing.





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