The Application of Light Gauge Steel Construction

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  • Date:2021/07/22

Light steel construction system is common used to be considered when constructing a new roof. As steel is also known to provide very good resistance to weathering and corrosion, which make it a great choice for many applications.


In many cases, light gauge steel materials have the ability to provide increased strength and durability, whilst also offering greater load bearing capabilities. The main consideration is that the lighter the materials used, the greater the amount of flexibility will be with the future requirements for any future climate change predictions. Steel often has the ability to better resist corrosion and weathering than other materials, especially mild steel. Steel also has the ability to provide more efficient ventilation within the building and to allow for better and faster roof repairs.


One main factor to consider when selecting a light gauge steel structure, whether it is a single stage or multiple stage prefabricated system, is the use of steel powder coating. With a steel powder coat application, the entire roof assembly is painted with an aluminum alloy layer, which provides a tough protection from weathering and corrosion. The actual roofing components will be constructed from mild steel and then placed over the alloy layer. This provides a strong durable metal frame with plenty of flex and resilience. The prefabricated roofing system will be assembled on site and then delivered to your desired location using either a forklift or regular vehicle.


Light gauge steel construction is also commonly used for airplane airfoils and rudders. Light steel roof trusses have also been used in constructing various components of the aircraft, such as wing panels, landing gears, control surfaces, stabilizers, landing strips and rudders. Some of the heavier aircraft such as the 747s and jets are made of heavy gauge aluminum alloys. The advantages of these aluminum alloy construction techniques include being extremely light weight with superb corrosion and abrasion resistance qualities. 





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