Show you the process of building a townhouse in Sydney,Australia

  • Date:2020/06/17

Townhouse are still relatively rare at home,but it has become very popularize in many countries and regions.Townhouse originated in Britain during the new town period in the 1940s and 1950s,Townhouse in the original European sense is refers to the townhouse built by urban townhouse,beautiful style, close to the city, convenient to work, beautiful environment.

The project we received this time is located in Sydney,Australia,according to the owner’s requirements,we need  to build a five-row light steel villa with modern and simple resort style.In order to have the natural relaxation effect,the designer added the log shape for the exterior wall.Many different angles of the large balcony,in the warm sun to feel the surrounding environment,enjoy the comfort of the vacation.

The house type area231

Let’s take a look at the layout of the inside

Ground floor plan

The first floor plan

South East West North Elevation

3D keel chart

The design drawing is ready to start production.Light steel keel we use imports high-yield roof truss machine for production.The keel always keeps the component accuracy within +/-0.5mm and meets the high standard of the export.The light steel keel of United Building&AnMeiJie is not only stable and has good load bearing,but also anti-corrosion and don’t worry about termites problem.

Keel production

After the keel is produced,we can pre-assembly with the house materials that have been prepared.Generally in the export of foreign countries,in order to avoid any mistake,we will pre-assembly in the factory.

After the pre-assembly ensure that there is no problem,count the number of materials can be loaded.


After the material  reaches the site,the steel bottom plate can be installed in advance

The installation of the steel chassis


The installation of house framework


The installation of roof beam


Installation of roof system


Exterior wall decoration

46 White_R4(1).jpg


Let us take a look at the inside of the house!


Living room




Shower room


Balcony 1


Balcony 2

Do you like this style of townhouse?This is a light steel villa that enjoys the sunshine.All of them were created in Australia by a team of professional installation engineers United Building&AnMeiJie. Our construction team, with many years of construction experience, let every owner can feel relieved.


Sydney,Australia is a subtropical humid climate with annual rainfall. Even as the rains continued during the construction period, the 5 townhouses were completed in just 45 days. It can be seen that the construction of light steel villa saves time, worry and effort .

When the townhouses entered the country, most townhouse were called the  "brother houses." Such a townhouse can be of great use when a family is prepared to have several brothers to start a family. So-called: meet good, live together difficult. In order to alleviate the big problem sister-in-law relationship, and parents can live close to their children, build such a brother room can be readily solved.

United Building&AnMeiJie has also worked on a variety of large-scale steel structure projects,such as schools,village committees,tourist resorts,large factories,smart libraries,homestays,gas stations,office buildings,etc.





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