Red brick is banned. How should houses be built?

  • Date:2020/06/26

With the rapid development of economy, land and property prices are rising.Now a lot of people, young have become "storey slave", after all, to get married  need a decent house.Those who do not want to be "storey slave" are willing to choose their hometown to build their own houses. Because it is still cheaper to build a house in the countryside than to buy a house.


People in rural areas usually use brick and concrete to build their houses, because in their minds, red bricks can not only bear the weight, but also cheap.But now it faces repeated orders from the state to ban the use of red bricks to build homes.The reason is that red brick is not only not environmentally friendly, but also harmful to human health.


With the development of science, some experts have found that houses built with red brick can release harmful radon gas and Y rays. Long-term exposure to such harmful chemical elements will endanger human health, destroy body cells and easily lead to a variety of irreversible diseases.

During the production of red bricks, there will be a lot of pollution.First of all, a lot of coal needs to be burned in the process of calcination of red brick, which consumes a lot of resources.Moreover, the small-scale brick kiln has no environmental protection measures and directly releases waste gas into the atmosphere, which has a very serious impact.


 atmospheric pollution

The second is that it takes a lot of clay to make red bricks, and the digging inevitably destroys the arable land and riverbeds.According to statistics, building houses and firing clay bricks for one year will destroy 700,000 mu of good farmland and lose 5 million mu of cultivated land, which will consume a lot of energy.


cultivated land decrease

Therefore, documents have been issued to check the use of red bricks.According to the regulations, violators of the rules will be fined 20 yuan per square meter and the houses they had built so hard would be torn downThose who illegally produce red bricks shall be fined not less than 10,000 yuan but not more than 30,000 yuan.


So, the point is, red brick is banned, what are our houses made of?What you need to know is the light steel building. The light steel structure villa system originates from Canada and has been widely used in North America and many countries for many years.Light steel house is a new building system specially developed for the harsh terrain. It inherits all the advantages of traditional red brick house and makes up all the disadvantages of red brick house.


1the comparison of durable

As we all know, the traditional red brick house needs to be repaired in about 10 years, but the service life of the light steel house is more than 80 years, and the main light steel structure is more than 100 years.At present, the awareness of light steel has gradually entered China's rural areas, many farmers have gradually begun to understand the benefits of light steel housing, in the vigorous implementation of environmental protection today, light steel housing is undoubtedly the best choice.

2、Cost comparison

Although red brick is cheap, but the policy control causes the price of red brick to rise indirectly.In addition, the cost of burning clay increases, which, together with the cost of transportation, directly leads to the increase of the cost of red brick houses. Moreover, there is a price range for red brick houses, so the budget is uncontrollable, and more budgets can be added at any time. And light steel villa from factory all the dismantling is calculated, will not increase other costs.


3、Performance comparison

Red brick houses are cold in winter and hot in summer, and light steel villas are made of green insulation composite walls, thermal resistance up to 3.1m2·K/W, which is 10 times of the red brick wall. And red brick wall itself heavy, bearing capacity is poor, is not a good seismic material.The light steel wall has light deadweight, large load-bearing force and stable main structure, which can resist the earthquake above grade 9, and the wind resistance grade is above grade 12.

4、Area comparison

The volume of the red brick itself is large, when building, it is necessary to make a wide column and beam, under a certain building area, the use area of the red brick house is small.And light steel room is the whole wall force, do not need a huge column beam, so the wall thickness becomes smaller, the actual use area will become larger.


5、Comparison of construction period

The construction period of a red brick house usually takes a year, and if the weather conditions are bad, the construction period needs to be extended.But light steel houses in general, 30 days can be completed. The type of operation is not affected by the weather or the environment.

So, even if red brick is banned, there are no red brick houses, but there are excellent properties of light steel houses. Safe, beautiful, fast, high performance cost ratio.Do you want a light steel house? Please contact us now!





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