Philippines Trogon's Perche Resort Project

  • Date:2020/06/17

With the development of the society, the current daily boring life has not been able to meet everyone, the public are in pursuit of better quality and comfortable life. Take a holiday is of course essential.Therefore, there is such a large demand, there is the initiative of developers.

It is not easy to build a high-end resort,the environment must be beautiful, in addition to not destroying or polluting the environment, but also perfect integration with nature. This kind of requirement light steel house can do, because it is dry type work, short time limit, modelling is much, still can withstand  wind and anti-seismic, so is very suitable for building light steel house in the resort.

Trogon's perche resort in the Philippines, needed to build a seascape restaurant and seascape hotel, the first phase of 2000 square meters in total. In order to ensure safety and convenience, the developer resolutely chose AnMeiJie , and the use of light steel to create.This also shows that the performance of light steel has been widely recognized and used in the world.




Signing of contract group photo

Then our company will closely carry out the project work, the designer in order to make the seaview restaurant can be integrated with the nature, specially using white, giving a person a kind of white daydream comfort. Appearance is white exterior wall paint, simulation cultured stone, yellow outdoor board. The seascape restaurant is a semicircle and use floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows, which not only provides enough light, but also allows guests to enjoy the seaside scenery from different angles.


Seaview restaurant design sketch

Ground floor

Most of the half circle of the seaview restaurant is for the table, the rear side has a place to take meals, kitchen, storage, bathroom. Such layout, beautiful and atmosphere, guests dining also feel comfortable. On the left, a steel staircase leads to the second floor.


The first floor

The first floor has a gym, a bathroom, a shower room, a reception desk, and a large semi-circle viewing terrace, which provides direct contact with the sun and is a good place to relax..


In addition to the dining area, the hotel is also important. Appearance is white exterior wall paint, gray wood grain exterior wall hanging board, white square exterior wall hanging board, yellow outdoor board. Overall feeling is recreational and comfortable, make a worry dissipate. The seascape hotel not only needs to be comfortable to live in, but also enjoys the seaside scenery. The designer adopts the stepped design, so that the hotel's shape is strewn at random, each hotel room can enjoy a large area of the sea.


Ocean view hotel design sketch

Interior layout

The seaview hotel has four rooms on each floor and a small hallway in front of the door for enjoying the scenery. The room has bedroom, toilet, shower room, small living room, balcony with view. The corridor is separated from the bed by the bathroom, so even if someone walks in the corridor, it will not disturb the rest of the guests in the room.


Ground floor plan of ocean view hotel


The first floor plan of ocean view hotel


Four sides elevation of ocean view hotel

Developers choose light steel to build the hotel, the benefits of many. In particular, the Philippines is a monsoon tropical rain forest climate, high temperature, rainy, humidity, typhoons more. Light steel housing is earthquake resistance to wind, warm in winter and cool in summer, moisture-proof and fireproof and other properties, to meet the local needs.

In addition to create resorts, AnMeiJie has other main products. Light steel villa, large office building, large dormitory building, light steel school, large factory building, townhouse, station wagon house, etc.





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