Perfect light steel two story design from AMJ

  • Date:2020/08/24

This house model is a light steel residential design that is meant for around 6-8 people to live in. It is a two story residential building design that includes six rooms and four bathrooms, making it viable for a large number of people to live in. The bathroom accommodations are especially important when it comes to having that amount of residents. The house design has good resistance to wind, weather, earthquakes, dampness, fire, snow, and is energy efficient, insulated, and able to stay cool in warmer times and warm in cooler times.


The exterior of the house features dark blue shingle roofing and red siding. It also has simulated stone designs on the bases of the walls as well as the chimney area. The aesthetic is that of a restored ancient design. The living room areas are spacious and the dining room areas are large enough to accommodate those living there. Each floor has dining room and living room space and allows for multiple options on what kind of themes and styles you would want to make those rooms. 3 meter high ceilings offer decent headroom and plenty of options for hanging decor. The windows in each room allow plenty of spaces to be lit by natural lighting and can help you cut electrical costs of indoor lights during daytime hours. The chimney is a nice touch of style and use and the fireplace a good source of heat in the dining areas during the winter times.

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Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel House Co, Ltd provides exemplary speed and efficiency when it comes to assembling this light steel residential design, and their materials for this residential building design are provided from their factory which lowers costs for having the home built. The materials are also weather resistant which means that the home could be built at any point during the year, without regard to whatever weather may infringe on other construction projects. Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel House Co, Ltd is reliable and effective and can help you have your new home built whenever you may need it.


Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel House Co, Ltd is a company that is reliable, effective, and efficient when it comes to having a beautiful and durable new home built. Their website features designs, floor blueprint and images of the house model’s exteriors, as well as contact information where you can get a hold of the company and ask about costs and information for building a new home. They have information on the company, what materials they use, recent news involving the company, and what major projects the company has completed or are currently working on in the country. Their website can be found at and is where you can find contact information and all other information on them.




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