Modern palace villa (with drawings), light luxury and simple but in time

  • Date:2020/05/20

Nowadays, the younger generation doesn't like European luxury

After all, look old feel tacky

What fashion product can beat the time?

But have you ever seen not out-of-date the light steel villa?

Grand launch of modern luxury villas,

Light luxury and simple , low-key  gorgeous.

Follow me to get a look.


Basic information

The house type area:292.05

The house type patternthree bedrooms and four bathrooms and three balconies and one kitchen and one washroom and one garage

The storey height of buildingthe ground floor is 3.6m,the first floor is 3m

The site area requirement16.5mX10.5m


The appearance design of this prefab modern vantage house

The appearance of this villa is irregular, the area that 2 floor throws is more, break away traditional thought, artistic feeling is full.The color contrast of the exterior wall is large, using simple and classic black and white. Large floor-to-ceiling Windows ensure the house have adequate light. In order to be able to enhance the natural sense of the house, the door of the villa uses log color, warm warmth, more the feeling of home.


The ground floor plan

One entry is foyer, foyer is wide, can do porch is received, let a home more tidiness. The right side of the entry is a suite room, the left side is the sitting room and dining room, dining room joint open kitchen, while cooking, still can chat with family, cooking is no longer lonely. There is also a spacious washing room at the back of the kitchen to facilitate the cleaning of daily necessities.


The first floor plan

The two bedrooms on the second floor have a balcony, which can be used to rest on the balcony when you can't sleep.There will also be a living room between the two bedrooms, with their own private space, not to be disturbed. The living room also has a balcony with a wide view to enjoy the beautiful natural life.





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