Make a Durable, Cost-Effective and Versatile House with Light steel construction

  • Date:2020/08/31

The light steel framework industry is taking the construction market by storm because of its innovative, ultra-modern, and cost-effective approach.

The reason behind this huge success in the construction market is that you can construct multi-story light steel residential houses and other residential buildings, including panelized structural frames.

The light steel residential house can be built with barely 12 walls panels, and it can go up to four or eight-story residential buildings.


Residential building construction with light steel framing provides the most excellent cost/ performance ratio, and the construction period is almost 1/3 of any traditional construction.

Light steel residential building structure is extremely durable and comes with high seismic resistance; also, the steel structure maintains its durability over the years without any need for maintenance.

So, those of you who are looking for quick, short, durable, and under-budget residential houses then prefab residential construction can serve them best because the prefab construction material consists of pre-constructed parts, which are shipped and assembled at the area of construction. Therefore, there are fewer environmental hazards and less construction debris.  

ANMEIJIE holds a large share in the light steel house manufacturing industry, and follow a motto of promoting green and energy-saving light steel residential house structures. Along with building a light steel residential building, ANMEIJIE offers construction of modular sandwich panel house, tourist house, townhall, light steel villas, and container houses. They also ship these light steel structures to other countries like Africa, UAE, KSA, Iran Vietnam, and many other cities.

How does light steel residential house construction is better than conventionally constructed houses?


  • The light steel residential construction is more cost-effective because all of the structure comes out of the factory. Therefore, you'll not need to employ more skilled labor to get things done, and also, when you buy everything directly from the factory, there will be less loss of construction material and wastage.

  • Construction time is less than any other conventional construction.

  • It's easy to remodel the steel residential houses; you can easily detach, replace or reshuffle the walls

  • It's a highly efficient way to construct a residential house where all material comes after testing for its durability, and less labor is involved as compared to the conventional construction.  

Why should you choose ANMIEJI construction to build your light steel residential House?

Lightweight and long-lasting building structure

Light steel residential building material is highly weather-resistant and preserves its structure from fire, high wind pressure, earthquake, and damp proof. The thermal insulation will keep the house warm during winter and cool in the summer.

Short construction period

The light steel residential buildings take less time than conventional construction because all of the material is premade, and you will have to ship and then assemble the parts only. You can construct your building 30% faster than other constructions.

Professional team of qualified staff

ANMIEJI co. Employees are highly efficient and qualified; they are professionally trained to design, construct, and manage all the construction process efficiently. You will get the help of professionally trained staff in building your residential house, so less headache to meet and consult individually with other construction workers.

Beautiful personalized House construction

 There are plenty of premade designs of residential building structure you can go with. However, you can always customize the house appearance as per your aesthetic sense. All designs can be personalized as per your wish.


Less construction Noise and less construction trash

When all of the construction material is premade in the factory, then there are fewer chances of construction trash and less construction noise as compared to the conventional constructions.

High standard light steel construction material

All of the light steel construction materials are exported after strict inspection and passing several inspection tests. Therefore, they maintain a high-quality standard without any chance of error.         




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