Light steel villa foundation requirements, ready to do light steel villa you, collect it!

  • Date:2020/06/09

Whether it is in the construction process of brick and concrete buildings or light steel villas, it is very important to lay a good foundation,so-called  great oaks rise from the ground,a miss is as good as a mile of the foundation, the villa will be built out of thousands of miles, may affect the security of the house.

And as is  well-known,the requirement of building of light steel structure to foundation is not tall, this "not tall", it is cost cost is low actually. Instead of "casual" foundation construction.


Traditional brick buildings and light steel buildings generally adopt strip foundations, but because the weight of brick buildings and steel buildings is much heavier than that of light steel structures, even if it is the same strip foundation, the cost of brick and steel buildings will be higher. Because of the particularity of light steel structure, the flexibility and sturdiness of steel, the foundation of light steel structure house will be much lower than the traditional brick and concrete house.


The foundation of AnMeiJie light steel house is divided into natural foundation and artificial foundation, in general, in order to house more strong, two kinds of different foundations is to cannot be mixed use in the same light steel building, unfavorable also take a greater difference between two kinds of above soil layer as foundation bearing layer, when the steel structure of tall building foundation slab pile end near or local enters lie under the soil of inclined top surface, appropriate underpinnings or increasing pile length, make the foundation or at the bottom of the pile end all under the same lie inside house, lest produce uneven subsidence.


One of the following measures can be adopted according to the local conditions to eliminate the adverse effect of the liquefaction subsidence of the foundation on the steel structure

1: Key Encryption, such as vibroflotation method, sand pile compaction method, dynamic consolidation , etc., when reinforcing the foundation, it should be treated to the lower interface of the liquefaction depth of the soil layer, and the measured value of the standard penetration number of the soil layer after treatment should be greater than the critical value of the liquefaction of the soil layer.

2: When using deep foundation, the depth in the stable soil layer below the buried depth of the foundation bottom should not be less than 500mm.

3: When pile foundation is used in steel structure engineering buildings, the length of the pile tip extending into the stable soil layer below the liquefaction depth shall be determined according to the bearing capacity of the pile and shall not be less than the following values,excavate all the liquefiable soil within the bearing layer of high-rise foundation.


The construction advantage of light steel villa is that it is not affected by any geological environment, whether it is wetland or relatively dry area, can be carried out construction, but also can save time. A variety of advantages, prompted most people living in the earthquake plate have chosen to use light steel to build houses, after all, it is fast, cheap, safe, strong. In the event of hurricanes and earthquakes, the safety factor is also much higher than brick building .





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