Light Steel KTV shop, have you ever seen it?

  • Date:2020/08/14

Daily entertainment and leisure activities, of course, not KTV. When you feel the pressure of life, free time to KTV shop to sing, find yourself in the dark, is so carefree.

Today to introduce a special case to you, this is a light steel KTV shop.

Basic information

Floor space32.5mX45.65m

Building area675.22

Building storey3.4m

Building structurelight steel strucure

Interior layoutone reception lobby and one supermarket and seven houselets and five middle rooms and two big rooms and one VIP room and one lumber room


appearance design

The appearance of KTV shop is: dark green asphalt tiles,  imitation wood grain exterior  wall panels, simulated culture stone. The overall feeling as if placed in the jungle, is a unique original forest design. The house uses the white line outline, makes the shop has the three-dimensional sense, gives the human eye the bright effect. In the outside of the store, leisure seats can also be placed for guests to sit and chat.


Floor plan layout

The layout of the building is u-shaped with enough space for activities in the middle. The interior layout is 1 reception hall, 1 supermarket, 7 small rooms, 5 middle rooms, 2 large rooms, 1VIP room and 1 sundry room. Each KTV room is equipped with a tea room and a toilet, which are equipped with complete supporting facilities, so that the customers can enjoy and relax better.

Anmeijie designed thelight steel KTV shop with multiple sound insulation protection. Glass wool, extruded sheet and other housing materials have the function of sound insulation and fire prevention. In addition to ensuring that the sounds from each room do not disturb each other, it also ensures that nearby residents can have a quiet living environment. So whether you are the voice of Nature or the voice of fat Tiger, feel free to raise your voice.

In addition to the steel structure of the house,  interior design is also indispensable, different themes of KTV room design, which theme do you prefer? The interior panels are made of bamboo and wood fiberboards, which are fireproof, moisture-proof, soundproof and zero-formaldehyde. Professional designers customize the theme for you, so that your shop becomes the "tide worship" holy land for guests.

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Various themed interior decoration

Similarly, in addition to KTV stores, Ammeijie can also create light steel bars, light steel mahjong rooms. Wall unique sound insulation system, you can play more fun.


Light steel bar


Light steel entertainment mahjong room

Having seen such a special case, you want to build a house, do you have any other ideas? Welcome to leave a message in the public account dialog box, we will have specially-assigned person to reply to you, or will arrange professional business manager to explain in detail for you. The one-stop house building service, all in Ameijie.





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