Landlords like to build light steel dormitory buildings like this

  • Date:2020/09/11

In recent years, many people choose to invest in the construction of houses, after all, property prices are rising, such a fixed asset appreciation potential is still very large. Especially in Guangdong, after the landlord invested in building dormitory buildings, they mostly lived on rent, so becoming a tenant has become a dream job for many people.

There are various styles of dormitory buildings on the market,Which is the landlord's first choice?The following conditions must be met:

  1. The construction period is fast

  2. High-end appearance, suitable for the young generation of workers.

  3. Reasonable space interval, maximum space use, suitable for tenant family size.

  4. Reasonable cost, reduce investment cost, maximize profit

  5. High safety performance to ensure the safety of the tenant.

The building form that accords with above condition, it is light steel to build a house only most appropriate.

Below I’ll for you to introduce a few popular light steel dormitory.

  1.  Light steel dormitory building with elevator

Basic information


Floor space7.3m X 8.4m

Building area245.28

Building storey4 layer
Interior layout
twelve bedrooms and twelve bathrooms and one elevator

This apartment is suitable for people who want to be landlords but have small plots. Reasonable interval, can adapt to the needs of different tenants. There are single room, couple room, multiple family room. Light steel dormitory with elevator, convenient up and down. The light steel dormitory adopts the multi-window design, so that each unit of the house gets enough light.


  1. the double staff dormitory

Basic information

Floor space20mX8m

Building area320

Building storey2 storeies

Interior layouteight bedrooms and eight bathrooms and eight balconies and one public washroom and one leisure area

This apartment is suitable for the staff dormitory of large enterprises. One dormitory has double bed, living balcony and toilet. In order to make it more convenient, the public health is also set, and the leisure room is set for the staff to keep fit and combine work and rest.



  1. Four independent small duplex dormitory

Basic information

Floor space8.5mX11m

Building area187

Building storey2 storeies

Interior layouteight bedrooms and four bathrooms

This unit is suitable for doing high-end small duplex apartment, 4 duplex apartments are independent, from different 4 doors into. The room on the first floor can be a small living room or workshop, and the attic on the second floor can be a bedroom.


Features of light steel dormitory building:

  1. Short construction period, dry type of work pollution, four seasons can be constructed, do not delay the construction period

  2. Diverse styles, easy to become street landmarks, attracting tenants

  3. the house material warm in winter and cool in summer, energy saving and environmental protection

  4. the house has earthquake resistance, wind resistance, snow pressure safety performance

  5. Good durability. The service life of steel structure houses can reach 100 years.

  6. Superior sound insulation performance, multi-layer sound insulation material so that you can no longer hear the movement of the neighbors

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