• Date:2020/10/06

Light steel house residential, is an innovative product, and it has evolved and made one of the benchmarks in the construction world. It is becoming increasingly popular, as it provides a win-win situation for both the buyers and the construction company. Light steel residential buildings constructions are affordable, sustainable and durability.


         Foshan An-Mei Jie Light steel house deal in light steel construction building material, that can be used to construct apartments, buildings, farmhouses, schools, etc. At An-Mei Ji we offer light steel house residential designs, that are modern and provide comfort living at affordable rates. These light steel luxury villas are rustproof, earthquake-proof, acoustic soundproof, and they can withstand high wind and which is why insurance companies offer less premium as compared to metal buildings. An upside of light steel construction is that the house remains cool in summers and warm in winters in addition to that steel is also recyclable, which makes it eco-friendly, in contrast to the traditional brick homes, which produce a lot of non-recyclable construction waste, which in return harm the environment. The light steel residential houses are made of anti-corrosion zinc sheets that keep them safe from fire and ensures that the structure does not suffer damage in case of a fire. These sheets also increase the durability of light steel structure an estimate is that houses made of steel are durable up to 50 years, thus lowering the cost of maintenance.


      One of the top light steel residential building construction is the H-1004 which is ideal for self-occupation and a family of 4-6 people. It is a luxury villa which comprises of two storeys. The first storey is three meters high, and the second storey is 2.8 meters high.  The house has four spacious rooms, three broad hallways, and two bathrooms. The design is based on a site area of 9.7 *7.8 meters. This house is the perfect example of modern luxury living with its yellow exterior wall hanging panel, blue asphalt shingles, and gray cultural stone which gives the house a very welcoming feeling.

L 李辉光(1).jpg

A plus point of the design is that the bedrooms on the second floor have windows and balconies, which offer a lot of natural light and they are the best place to have tea or a casual chat with friends. At An-Mei Ji we understand the value of dream,  and our professional design team will help you to design your dream house with the help of its professional construction team and transnational construction. In the residential building construction process, time equals money so we aspire to provide our customers with light steel luxury villas which are much easier and faster to construct, as compared to the traditional brick homes. Our teams make light steel luxury villas keeping in mind our customer needs and requirements, and we use state of the art material which makes sure the house durable, firm, and beautiful. The upside of  Light steel residential designs is that it provides flexibility and versatility, and it makes the process of renovation much convenient if the owners ever want to re-design of the house.





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