It shows you a cheap and quick way to build an addition to house

  • Date:2020/08/10

The current housing price has exceeded the affordability of many families. Therefore, many people choose to build 1 to 2 small independent houses first, and when the economy is abundant, and then to find ways to build, which also makes the housing and built as a sudden rise of the market alternative.

Due to the opening of the second child and the increase of the family population, the owner's original housing area of 86 square meters was obviously insufficient. It's too expensive to tear down old houses and rebuild them. But building an addition to house is a good option.

The owner's original house was also a light steel house. He asked for a two-story extension to the left over the existing house


The frame installation of the additional building on the first floor


Second floor  building frame installation


Build an addition to roof installation


Add exterior wall decoration installation

In order to make the original house look more harmonious with the newly built modules, the exterior wall panels are required to be changed to a uniform color.


The exterior of the original house was demolished


Exterior wall decoration replacement completed

In this way, the construction of the original house was completed in only 20 days. It's so fast, so easy and so time-saving. The additional part + the renovation of the exterior wall decoration of the whole house is about 80,000 ~ 90,000 (according to the calculation of the material price at that time, there is a relative fluctuation).No matter the traditional building or the light steel building, the steel structure can be added. Delicate housing design, reasonable room planning, with their favorite color on the exterior wall, the villa appears both practical and with a different style, light steel house is so beautiful and durable.

Adding modules on the basis of the old house may make many people feel unstable and unstable. However, due to its own characteristics and perfect structural system, the steel structure of the United Building · AnMeiJie can effectively eliminate this deficiency, realize stability and durability of the house and extend its service life.

Tired of living in an old house?

Do you want to add more houses?

Want a new outfit for your house?

The light Steel villas of United Building · AnMeiJie can help you solve these problems!





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