Innovation Where It Counts: Light Steel Resorts

  • Date:2020/06/17

The construction of buildings both residential and commercial have taken leaps and bounds in recent years, as far as efficiency is concerned, and getting into the business of vacation homes always proves to be a fruitful investment. The light steel resort construction has been a specialty of Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel House Co., Ltd. (An Mei Jie in short), a professional factory located in China, which is leading the way in developing innovative home and business construction ideas. The use of light steel as the foundation for buildings has quickened the construction process as well as improved upon the long-lasting durability that is so necessary. Here is why An Me Jie should be a clear winner when choosing who will build your next vacation rental.



An Mei Jie is dedicated to going green, and choosing to produce light steel buildings is one of the ways they aim to reduce their carbon footprint. Quicker construction means less machinery which will be used for a shorter period of time, and emit fewer harmful chemicals. Often times construction is slowed due to unpredictable weather, and it can last much longer than originally anticipated. Using steel instead of traditional wood or brick foundations speeds up production because of its resilient properties; steel will not warp in the heat nor the cold, and it allows for construction in almost any type of weather.



Naturally, the long-term advantages of having a sturdy metal foundation are countless. Buildings struck by the tragedy of a hurricane, or some other natural disaster, have a far better chance of surviving with the help of said steel foundation. Natural wear and tear on one of these buildings is also prolonged when choosing to go with An Mei Jie’s products. Typically, the grout between bricks starts to crack and needs to be redone every so often, and wood is susceptible to the destruction of termites and heat warping. If what you’re looking for is longevity and peace of mind, then you have come to the right place.


An Mei Jie

An Mei Jie features many different patterns for buyers to choose from when they decide to start building your light steel holiday apartment and light steel resort. They also provide the option of specific color combinations in their designs so as to make the proposal and building process easier for everyone involved. Since they know you have other work on your hands, they have decided to be of as much help as they can by lightening your workload.


When building your vacation villas, they keep the customer’s complete satisfaction in mind. They feature arc windows to let in as much natural light as possible, and they always make their best effort in executing attractive designs for you. At An Mei Jie, they know that details are important, and they don’t want you to settle for any less than the best. They offer great services that would be sure to wow you.





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