In 30 days, Anmeijie established the fever clinic of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Zhongshan University

  • Date:2020/08/12

During the epidemic, hospital resources are quite scarce, especially the isolation ward has become a top priority. Prefabricated buildings are the first choice for rapid construction of isolation wards.

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, is a designated fever clinic. During the peak of the epidemic, a large number of suspected cases  required medical isolation.Hospitals need to separate patients with fever from those who seek medical advice to avoid cross-infection.At that time, the epidemic was severe, and the factory had not fully resumed work, so it would be extremely difficult to finish it quickly.After the relevant staff of the hospital learned about it, they contacted AnMeiJie and said they wanted to build a fever clinic.

After Taking over the project, AnMeiJie began to design the drawings. In order to make the isolation ward have a better look and feel, the designer specially uses the soft beige and brownish red exterior wall hanging board to make the exterior wall pave and paste. The color of the newly built isolation ward is close to that of the original Boai building. The whole building has a long distribution and is built on the side of Boai Building for triage.


Design Sketch of fever clinic

The fever clinic is mainly divided into several areas:

1.Fever Clinic (Hubei related area)

2.Fever Clinic (General area)

3.Isolation ward area

4.Medical care and living area


The ground floor plan

The interior of hospital also separated many function room, respectively: triage, registered fee deposit, dirt, five clinic therapeutic, liquor room, two transfusion room, power room, control room, five separate ward, five independent bathroom, a pharmacy, intensive care, medical office, medical life changing rooms, security, medical goods warehouse.Make full use of every space, and open a dedicated channel for medical staff, patients, buffer zone, to minimize the possibility of cross-infection.


The first floor plan

The second floor is the rest room for medical staff. Since medical staff cannot often go home during the epidemic fighting period, they have to live in the medical living area to avoid taking the germs home. At the same time, when there is an emergency, can also take care of the patient quickly.


Diagrammatic figure

The designers adopt a multi-window design, so as to ensure that every functional room has window ventilation to reduce aerosol transmission.


After 20 days of overtime, the main body of the fever clinic has been completed.


20 days to complete the roughcast room

10 days to finish the interior decoration, let's see the effect of the interior decoration.


Special access for hospital nurses


buffer zone


isolation ward

Ammeijie can complete fever clinics in 30 days and was officially launched in early April, just in time to handle imported or local cases. It provides an efficient way for residents with fever nearby. Novel Coronavirus is a long way from complete extinction and we should always be ready for a long battle. The construction of isolation wards is prepared.

You have to admire the speed of prefab buildings. At present, more and more schools, village committees, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, tourist attractions and other prefabricated buildings, beautiful and durable, aseism-resistant wind and snow pressure performance than traditional buildings. Time will tell, the rumor that prefab construction is temporary has been dispelled.





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