If you have a piece of land, you must not pass this retro European light steel villa!

  • Date:2020/06/17

Now if you have a piece of land,

What kind of house would you like to build?

Is it style you can show off to your friends and relatives?

Is the individual character design with distinctive in the countryside?

Or comfortable and practical style?

Today the editor to recommend to everybody restoring ancient ways the light steel villa of Europe type, let a person look far, know is the good house of large family! Of course it is exterior not only good-looking, the layout inside, also pass the careful consideration of stylist and come, it is the good door model that inside and outside have both, collect hurriedly!


Basic information

The house type area360

The site area requirement12mX10m

The house type patternfive bedrooms and two living rooms and four bathrooms and one kitchen and one locker room and one study and one terrace

Building storeythree layer

The building structurelight steel structure

The appearance design

The villa is a retro European style, the appearance of the blue asphalt shingles, beige metal carving board, cultural stone simulation, the house also used in front of the same color fence to do decoration. Simple color collocation, more noble royal style. Wall has small line to do adornment draw the outline of, make the house has stereo feeling more. The large arc design is full of retro atmosphere and makes people look up. Add the high door courtyard collocation, the atmosphere has the style.


The first floor layer

The layout of the first floor is: a living room, a dining room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, a large terrace. The large terrace in front of the door is suitable for making a garden, or put on recreational chairlift, also can become a good nap place. The porch place of entry door did a characteristic small hollow, show beautiful and easy more. Arc-shaped large living room multi-window design, better lighting and ventilation. The kitchen is open and connected to the dining room, so that the cook is not alone. The bathroom is located at the back of the kitchen, and the door is facing the stairs to prevent odor. The bedroom of the first floor can do old people room, convenient elder action.


The second floor layout

The layout of the second floor is: three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a cloakroom. There are alternate with the distance between the three bedrooms, the protection of personal privacy, do not disturb each other. The bedroom of right side is ensuite, contain independent toilet and cloakroom, use space is bigger.


The third floor ;ayer

The layout of the third floor is: a bedroom, a bathroom, a study, a terrace. The top floor of the third floor is very suitable for children to live, study in the study without interruption, can do some simple exercise in the terrace, work and rest combination, healthy life.


This house type can accommodate 7-9 people at most. Such a beautiful and practical light steel villa, do you like it? As The Times changes, people's aesthetic appreciation also adjusts somewhat, not be bright-coloured grandiose, such restoring ancient ways Europe type villa can satisfy people's feelings already, do not break fashionable aesthetic feeling again. In the sea of original home cookie-cutter brick mixes building, such house can let you feel the breath of western culture, what want is this kind of special and free from vulgarity.

You give me a piece of land, I give you a home.

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