Ice cream color fairy tale wind light steel villa, this is your proposal magic weapon!

  • Date:2020/07/28

This year double spring and leap month, is really a good year to get married!

First, let's accept the triplex soul torture

Did you get pushed this year?

Does the mother-in-law approve?

Did the girlfriend say yes?

Today I'd like to introduce  something nice to you, ice cream color fairy tale wind light steel villa, every girl hopes to have princess treatment, fairy tale wind villa can meet her wishes. A small castle that captured the heart of the goddess. What's more, the main cost only needs the down payment of commercial housing in third-tier cities! Without further ado, look at the picture!

Basic information

Area of structure360

Floor space12m X 10m

Patternsix bedrooms and two living rooms and three bathrooms and one kitchen and one terrace

Number of plies3 storey

Building structurelight steel construction


Appearance design

This is a fairy-tale design that looks like a small castle.Appearance: blue asphalt tiles, white and off-white wall hanging board, cultural simulation stone, carved Roman Columns, carved guardrail.The overall color combination is relatively fresh, like ice cream sends out sweet breath. In order to make the house more three-dimensional, the designer specially used white lines for Windows, waist lines, etc., so that the house more bright eye atmosphere.High gate, contain western elegance flavor. Such a noble appearance makes your marriage proposal twice as effective with half the effort.


First floor layout

The first floor layout for a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, a bathroom, a hallway into the entry door. The setting of the sitting room is in circular arc position, it is hollow sitting room, stylist uses design of much angle much window, make the sitting room is bright have style. The bedroom is on the left side of the house, and there is a distance from the dining room, do not disturb the rest. The dining room is connected to the kitchen, which has a small door leading to the back garden. Enter door porch relatively capacious, besides putting the article that porch needs, still can put large adornment thing, make the house more add colour.


Second floor layout

The second floor has three bedrooms, a bathroom and a hollow long corridor. The 3 bedrooms are close to each other for the convenience of having children in the future. Toilet dry and wet separation, reduce bacteria breeding, more healthy.


Third floor layout

The third floor has two bedrooms, a bathroom and a large terrace. The terrace on the third floor has a large area, which can be put on the coffee table and chair. Make a cup of coffee and enjoy the sunshine bath. Or put exercise equipment, as an outdoor gym can also be. Life is so enjoyable.

This house is suitable for 6~9 people to live, such marriage room can not only meet the goddess of beauty, but also to meet the needs of life in the future. If you need to adjust thelayout, we will also have a professional design team for your personal customization.

Order from us now

When the artifact is activated

Mother-in-law waiting at the door!

Girlfriend moved to promise!

Don't hesitate to speak out!

Love her, should give her a home.





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