How you can benefit from light steel holiday houses?

  • Date:2020/05/20

For the past few years, there has been a great improvement in the living standard. Many people have recognized the benefits of light steel holiday houses that’s why they have become popular in residential construction. Imagine a home that makes you happy and enhances your creativity. A travel holiday light steel house will make your travelling more thrilling and enjoyable .


A light steel holiday building has become an ideal choice for people who love traveling and prefer spending time with nature. Its eye-catching appearance, environmental protection, energy-saving, high space utilization, strong seismic resistance, insulation and fire resistance, low bearing capacity, and lightweight has further increased its popularity among the customers. Now, more individuals have joined this eco-friendly invention that’s why it has become a go-to choice of customers.

Gone are the days when the high end light steel holiday houses were only owned by travel lovers. Today, you can find light steel holiday buildings everywhere whether it’s a school, library, or resort. Different sectors are shifting towards the green building construction to avail several benefits. Keeping in view the high demand for travel holiday light steel house, many construction companies have started selling light steel holiday houses.


Here at Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel House Co., Ltd., you can find light steel travel holiday houses in different designs and colors. Customers can choose a design and color of their choice or they can also order a customized travel holiday house. The best thing about the light steel holiday building is that it is not just eco-friendly but also has a modern design. Experience the novel and elegant design of your home that is based on the latest light gauge steel frame technology. Let’s have a look at the benefits of light steel travel houses.

  • Anti-seismic

Most of these travel houses uses slope roofing along with a truss system. This roofing system becomes even strong when sealed with panels and has high-strength loading capability. A light steel house has the ability to withstand earthquakes.

  • Good performance against winds

A high end light steel holiday house has high strength, lightweight, and good integrity that makes them excellent wind resistant. It can withstand any windy condition and even a hurricane at a speed of 120km/h. Thus, you and your family can remain protected during the hurricane season.


  • Durability

A light steel building utilizes cold-formed galvanized steel, and thus avoids rust. It has an average life of up to 70 years. Therefore, it can be your ideal choice if you require a house, office, resort, or library that has great longevity.

  • Heat preservation

Glass wool is also used in these travel houses as insulation to provide heat preservation. For instance, a 100mm glass has heat preservation equivalent to a 1m thick brick wall.

  • Sound-proof

You can have a peaceful and calm environment if your home is sound-proof. You will be happy to know that light steel travel houses are sound-proof. They adopt hollow glass for the windows that can sound-proof nearly 60db.





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