How to make a tiny container house with light steel?

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  • Date:2021/06/25

Are you looking for a tiny house made from light steel? An Mei Jie is a company based in Foshan, China and their main focus of manufacturing is light steel construction building materials. The company builds these light steel components that can be used for building storage container houses, farmhouses, apartments, offices, buildings, holiday houses, villas, and storages. The company can develop any kind of building without using any traditional materials. The company does it all including designing, manufacturing, construction, and marketing of light steel houses. They are working on an international level and they have been selling products in the local market and the international markets.

Why choose light steel houses?

The buildings are lightweight, and this method is cost-effective. Apart from that, there is a number of advantages of having a tiny house to yourself. We all can agree that having your own house is our dream but due to inflation that dream seems impossible but not anymore. Since storage container houses are made with light steel, they are resistant to rust, durable, reliable, economical, attractive, and practical all at the same time. What more you want? You got everything by having a tiny house and that too at a reasonable price. It may be different from the traditional home, but it is home.

How did storage container houses become a trend?

The trend of manufacturing buildings and container house design has been introduced a few years ago and now like a storm, everyone is using light steel construction one way or other.  As the latest trends emerge in building construction, people are looking for a solution that doesn’t involve harming nature. Over time, these house materials can be recycled and used in different things. The light steel house construction is significantly increased because it has offered housing for poor and small industries. The small scale industrial and commercial projects such as warehouse, food truck, cold storage, truck shop, or even a mobile salon can be housed within these storage container houses. Apart from that big place like a showroom, offices, supermarkets, schools, stadiums, logistics centers, shopping malls they all need some sort of container house design to build customized set up counters, canteens, bars, and other things like that. They have flexibility so you can make them into anything, and they will stay durable. You can even add more parts to it as the possibilities are endless with light steel customization.

How do companies manufacture light steel container houses?

If you want low budget, fast erection and quality control over your house or building, you can ask Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel House Co, Ltd to make it for you. They offer high durability and cost-saving solution plus you have the option of full customization. They can make you a tiny house, a building portion, and even a functional warehouse, or a mobile house. All of their building components will be durable and lightweight. You can have wall lights, turbo vents, roof monitors, ridge ventilators, doors, windows, electricity and any other accessory that you prefer to be installed in your storage container house.





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