How much do you know about light steel villa customization?

  • Date:2020/06/09

Speaking of light steel villas, many people are very vague about doing custom villas. The person that did not build light steel house, basically is do not know. Today we're going to show you how to make custom.

There are three main reasons for customization:

1There are many owners due to the size of the land restrictions, have to do private customization.

2The owner wants to do front and rear garden, the house shape personality, needs the private custom design.

3Owner's house use reason, need layout to be customized.

Custom villas also bring troubles to many customers, but in an mei jie light steel housing co., LTD., there is a dragon building services, for you to provide a more convenient way to build a house, save time and worry. The following is an introduction to AnMeiJie's custom service.

First, Get to know and choose the housing system you want


When you contact the company's salesman, the salesman will know the condition and use of your land, will give you several housing systems at different prices to choose from. At the same time,  will give you a detailed explanation of the different materials and functions of each system.

Second, Plane, elevation customized design

When plan is designed, you can according to oneself demand, the life habit that tells an individual with stylist, housing can hold how many people, need how many room, cloakroom, muti-function room. Let the designer cater to your lifestyle and the surrounding location (such as whether to open a window, build an elevator, etc.), and design the layout properly. If the design is not satisfactory, a limited number of modifications can be made.


Sample graph

When designing the elevation, communicate with the designer about the required height and predict the thickness of the interior decoration. Need to confirm with the designer the location of the toilet exhaust fan, the location of the air conditioning installation, whether the Windows need to be added, etc.

Third, Effect drawing custom design

When designing effect picture, you need to say which kind of house style like with stylist, for example: contracted wind, euramerican wind, Chinese wind. The designer will also decorate the house according to the color you like to make it more stylish.


Note: the plan and  elevation must be confirmed before making the effect drawing. Once the effect drawing is made, the plane and elevation drawings cannot be modified, otherwise additional fees will be charged.

Fourth, Accurate quotation of housing

After the effect drawing is confirmed, the budget division will make accurate quotation according to the layout of the door type you choose, decorative materials, etc. AnMeiJie will have a detailed list of materials, so that customers know the use and price of each screw, to be clear and transparent. Once the price is confirmed, the contract can be signed and 30% of the total amount of housing can be paid, and the production process can be started immediately.

Fifth, Production process

The structural engineer will build the keel model according to the house type. Wait for the keel model to do well, can be on the machine to produce light steel keel. The merchandiser will be configured according to the confirmed material list, and within 7 days,  AnMeiJie can ship the materials of the light steel villa. Parts of the structure will be pre-assembled in the factory to save time. After the materials are ready, the merchandiser will communicate and arrange the vehicle to transport the materials to the construction site of the customer.


Sample graph of keel model


Production of light steel keel



Note: before shipment, the owner needs to pay for the materials.

Sixth, Construction team approach installation

Tell the salesman in advance that the installation team is needed or the installation instructor is needed, and make the foundation at his own expense before construction. After the installation team completes the installation, the customer conducts acceptance inspection. Upon completion of the acceptance, the balance shall be paid.


Installation site

Seventh, After-sales service

After the house is built, if there is a problem, can contact the salesman or call the national hotline for consultation. Our company will arrange professional personnel to visit and repair.

Light steel villa customization process is  listed, want to know more or overseas housing, welcome to contact us.





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