How does light steel construction work?

  • Date:2020/08/21

Light gauge steel construction is the cost-effective and modern technique to manage housing on a large scale. Light gauge steel construction units are developed by a light steel construction company in china named as Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel House Co, Ltd. Using light steel instead of traditional bricks, concrete and cement is a novel thing in the construction industry, but it has been getting good reviews from experts all over the world.

Under this method of construction, separate building units are manufactured in factories with light gauge steel material and with some other materials. The manufacturing is all done through big heavy machines while the supervisor just has to push the buttons in the control room. This option is viable because instead of bricks and cement, they used light gauge steel to shape the unit into anything. Each unit could be different from the previous one, but it won’t cost too much. This way it makes the customization so easy.


The construction industry is an important industry and so many people have their earning tied to this field. So, bringing technology in this field to upgrade the construction business is definitely going to help more people around the world. For a particular project, companies like An Mei Jie would hire a light gauge steel houses constructio light gauge steel constructionn team that will design and manufacture the house under their supervision. This way, you get to build the units of a building in a controlled environment through machines that eliminate the need for any labor. The houses can be small and large depending on what your client needs. Once these building units are ready, they are sent to the actual location where a building is supposed to build. The manufacturing companies send their engineers and staff to install the units that match with the building structure. Here, we are going to have a look at one of the projects that is made by An Mei Jie. Have a look at some of the specifics of this project. 


We know that light gauge steel construction can be used to make units for houses, offices, farmhouses, apartments, commercial buildings, holiday beach houses, holiday villas, container houses and many other things. This one is a big house with model number TH-5001H. The outlook of this home resembles a big house in a posh area but very beautiful. The home is quite big and comfortable laced with all modern necessities and spreading over a 548 meter per square. The site area is 23.3×12.8 m. The whole house features 14 rooms 4 halls, and 4 bathrooms. It features two stores and each story has a different height length. The first floor has 3 meters floor to roof height, the second floor has a height of 2.8 meters. This house has wind resistance, earthquake resistance, damp resistance, fireproof, thermal insulation and less energy conversion installed in it. If you want to buy this, make sure to visit our website or check out to get the inspiration for a customized light gauge steel construction house.





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