Guangdong will vigorously develop prefabricated and energy-efficient green buildings in 2020

  • Date:2020/09/09


Work points of building energy conservation and construction science and technology and informatization in Guangdong province in 2020

In 2020, Work points of building energy conservation and construction science and technology and informatization to xi jinping, new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, firmly establish and implement the "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" new development concept, in accordance with the relevant provincial committee and the housing and urban-rural development of the work schedule and promoting the construction of housing in urban and rural areas to scientific and technological innovation, further enhance the level of building energy efficiency, vigorously develop green building materials, green buildings and prefabricated buildings, promote the construction of "digital living building", to strengthen the supervision and management, promote the development of high quality housing, urban and rural construction industry. The main points of work are as follows:

(一) Further perfect our province to build the policy and system mechanism of science and technology development.To compile the Three-year Action Plan for The Scientific and Technological Innovation and Development of Housing and Urban-rural Construction in Guangdong Province (2020-2022),We will promote the establishment of a scientific and technological innovation system and mechanism guided by the government,We will promote the establishment of systems and mechanisms for scientific and technological innovation that are guided by the government, guided by the market and rationally allocated to various resource elements,we will establish a platform for scientific and technological innovation for enterprises, and give full play to the role of "Science and Technology Collaborative Innovation Center for Housing Urban-rural Development in Guangdong Province",we will focus on the development needs and research and development of key technologies for housing development in urban and rural areas, make breakthroughs in science and technology and disseminate demonstration results, and increase the concentration of innovative resources.


(二)We will focus on research and development of key technologies in key areas.To carry out the application, evaluation, project implementation supervision and other related work of the provincial construction science and technology innovation plan projects;cooperate with related departments to recommend provincial science and technology projects; Relying on scientific research institutions, institutions of higher learning, large enterprises, social organizations and other units,pays special attention to the construction in key areas and key technology research and development in our province, focus on building a robot, reconstruction of urban physical examination, old town village, "city disease" capability of governance, municipal infrastructure, urban water system security protection, the urban ecological restoration and the ability to repair, the urban information model (CIM), platform, intelligent community construction, "toilet revolution", green buildings, low energy consumption, prefabricated steel structure housing, new type of construction equipment and construction materials and other fields,summarize and refine appropriate technologies for promoting green and high-quality development, form a reproducible and popularizable technology system, and expand engineering applications.

(三)We will continue to improve the system of engineering construction standards.The end of July, the Guideline for Compiling and Revising Local Standards for Engineering Construction in Guangdong Province (For Trial Implementation) will be revised to further standardize the requirements for compiling standards for engineering construction;strengthen the dynamic management of the whole process of compiling standards, and carry out timely standard cleaning and evaluation; to complete the formulation and promulgation of a number of standards; we will actively foster standards for groups and enterprises, constantly improve the system of standards for engineering construction, and help raise the level of engineering quality and safety.


(四)Further improve the level of energy conservation in buildings.To promote building energy conservation and green building development in Guangdong province”the thirteenth Five-Year Plan assessment” and “the fourteen five-year plan”,to carry out research on the development of low power consumption buildings, near-zero-energy buildings and zero-energy buildings in our province;we will give more play to the role of provincial-level special funds for building energy conservation and strengthen oversight of such funds;we will optimize the evaluation and assessment indexes of the "dual control" targets for total energy consumption and intensity in each city, encourage each city to raise the level of building energy efficiency, and further promote the energy-saving renovation of existing buildings and the application of renewable energy in buildings;a series of activities will be held to publicize energy conservation in the field of construction in Guangdong province in 2020, in an effort to realize the green transformation of life style.

(五) We will develop green buildings with high quality.To promote the promulgation of the Guangdong Green Building Regulation within this year; to formulate the Green Building Design Code of Guangdong Province,revise the Green Building Evaluation Standard of Guangdong Province,supplement and improve the contents of important indicators such as "health and comfort" and "prevention and control of infectious diseases";in accordance with the Requirements of the Three-year Action Plan for the Quantitative and Qualitative Promotion of Green Building in Guangdong Province (2018-2020), we will continue to carry out the action plan for the quantitative and qualitative promotion of green building in Guangdong Province, and comprehensively summarize and evaluate the three-year action in various localities;carry out actions to create green buildings in accordance with the National Development and Reform Commission's Overall Plan of Action for Creating Green Life, and promote the high-quality development of green buildings; The "Green Building Information Platform of Guangdong Province" was upgraded to further optimize the online application and review process of green building evaluation and identification projects;stop accepting green building evaluation mark projects in accordance with the old national standard, and complete the evaluation, publicity and announcement of all the old national standard projects in the existing system before July 1.By 2020, the proportion of green buildings in cities and towns in the province will reach more than 60%, among which more than 70% in the Pearl River Delta region and more than 25% in the eastern and northwestern guangdong region.


  1. Vigorously promote the application of green building materials. To implement the green building materials product certification system together with the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau and the Department of Industry and Information Technology, and to establish and improve the working mechanism of green building materials product certification in our province; in the second quarter, the Regulations of Guangdong Province on Promoting the Development and Application of Bulk Cement and the Regulations of Guangdong Province on the Development and Application of New Wall Materials will be revised,explore the establishment of dynamic supervision mechanism for premixed concrete enterprises in Our province, comprehensively promote the green transformation of premixed concrete production enterprises,the number of green ready-mix concrete enterprises in the whole province should reach over 40%, including over 60% in the Pearl River Delta region and over 20% in the east and northwest of Guangdong province. Investigate and ban non-qualified mixing plants in accordance with the law;by November 30, the special fund for bulk cement and the special fund for new wall materials shall be liquidated and delivered to the warehouse;to organize the formulation of the 14th five-year plan for the promotion and application of bulk cement and the development of premixed concrete in Our province; vigorously promote the application of mechanism sand.


    (七)Vigorously develop prefab buildings.We will encourage all localities to earnestly implement the requirements of Guangdong Provincial Government (2017) No. 28, find out the background, compact the target responsibilities, accelerate the construction of the project, and ensure the completion of the 2020 prefab building development target set by the provincial government,prefabricated buildings account for more than 15% of the newly built floor area in the province;to promote the development of steel structure housing in cities where conditions permit;a system of regular publication of prefab building development shall be established, and an evaluation of prefab building development shall be carried out by the end of 2020;we issued the Technical Standards for Testing Prefabricated Concrete Structures and the Atlas of Standards for Prefabricated Concrete Affordable Housing and Talent Housing and others standards and atlas;we will continue to identify provincial-level prefab demonstration cities, industrial bases and demonstration projects, and carry out prefab building skills contests and observation and training activities.


(八)We will strengthen the informationization of government affairs.We will vigorously promote the reform and development of "digital government" and carry out special work to optimize government services;by the end of 2020, in principle, materials issued by government departments should not be submitted, and data in business forms formed by government departments should not be filled in,the electronic seal can be used for free entity seal, and the electronic signature can be used for free handwritten signature, so that more matters can be handled online;under the "Digital Government" reform and construction framework of Guangdong Province, implement the "Digital Housing and Urban-Rural Development" Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement of Guangdong Province signed by the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and The Guangdong Branch of China Construction Bank,to guide and promote the construction and integration of important information systems in the industry, promote the sharing of information resources in the field of housing urban-rural construction in the province, and promote the construction of big data center for housing urban-rural construction in the province;by the end of 2020, the 14th Five-year Plan for informationization of Housing Urban-rural Construction in Guangdong Province shall be compiled.

(九)We will make urban construction and management smarter.We will make full use of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, big data, cloud computing, blockchain and artificial intelligence to promote innovation in ideas, methods and models for urban construction and management;to explore and carry out the construction of "smart housing" with smart housing, smart construction, smart municipal administration, smart city management and smart buildings as the main contents;to guide Guangzhou to carry out the pilot construction of urban information Model (CIM) platform to provide support for the construction of smart city.


(十)Accelerate the application of building Information Modeling (BIM) technology.By the end of 2020, the guidance on promoting the application of building Information Modeling (BIM) technology will be issued,accelerate the application of building Information Modeling (BIM) technology in the full life cycle of planning, survey, design, construction and operation and maintenance;Give full play to the role of Guangdong BIM Technology Alliance in BIM technology publicity, application and promotion;Identify a batch of BIM technology application demonstration projects.

(十一)Improve provincial project approval and management system.Further improve the provincial and municipal engineering construction project examination and approval management system, accelerate the urban engineering construction project examination and approval management system and related system platform interconnection;electronic certificates are implemented in the approval process of engineering construction projects, so that clerks can avoid handing in and reduce handing in paper materials;monitor and evaluate the approval status of the whole process and the operation status of the system of construction projects in each city through the provincial project approval management system,monthly reports, mid-year assessments, and end-of-year general comments were made on the progress of reform in various localities.In the first half of 2020, all departments of the province will basically complete the provincial examination and approval and management system for engineering construction projects,the examination and approval efficiency was further improved;In the second half of 2020, according to the working idea of "re-optimization, re-integration and re-efficiency", further deepen the reform of the examination and approval links, items, procedures and management mode of examination and approval, complete the completion of the provincial engineering construction project examination and approval and management system, and significantly improve the quality and speed of examination and approval efficiency.

(十二)Strengthen cybersecurity.We will strictly implement the network security responsibility system for the Leading party members' group of the Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department,We will continue to improve relevant management systems in accordance with the Implementation Plan of The Master Plan for Digital Government Network Security System Construction of Guangdong Province (2019-2021);we will comprehensively strengthen the work of identifying hidden dangers and ensuring security, advance the filing of classified cybersecurity protection in an orderly manner, establish emergency support teams, and improve the industry's cybersecurity emergency response system.


(十三)We will strengthen our sense of responsibility. The year 2020 will be the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan period and the 14th five-year Plan period. All localities should further strengthen confidence and resolve, overcome the impact of the epidemic, strengthen their sense of responsibility, and earnestly implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, provincial party committees and provincial governments.

(十四)Strengthen target management. All localities shall, in light of their own local conditions, study and formulate key work points for their own localities and units; We should establish a task list and a list of responsibilities, take effective measures to ensure that all work requirements are implemented, and achieve all annual work targets and tasks on schedule and with quality guaranteed.

(十五)Strengthen assessment and supervision.We will strengthen the evaluation and assessment of the development goals of building energy conservation, green buildings and prefabricated buildings in various localities. Our office will regularly report on the performance of the tasks accomplished by various localities, give reminders and warnings to areas with poor performance, and conduct interviews with major responsible persons.


(十六)Pay attention to publicity and training. Local governments should give full play to the role of the Internet, television,newspapers and other news media in guiding public opinion, and step up publicity of policies, regulations and measures related to the development of science and technology, building energy conservation, green buildings, prefabricated buildings, green building materials, and information technology. Through training courses, seminars, observation meetings and other forms, the publicity and implementation of relevant technologies and standards will be enhanced to promote the development of the industry. 

(十七)Report the situation well. All localities should assign special personnel to report the progress of the construction of science and technology, building energy conservation, green buildings, prefabricated buildings, green building materials and information technology. Please submit the relevant work progress and data statement (separately issued) to the Office of Science and Technology Information in writing before July 5th, October 5th and December 20th, respectively.





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