Get Your Money’s Worth at An Mei Jie

  • Date:2020/06/17

With the pace of the world moving faster and faster, it’s natural to expect projects to be done quicker. That’s why light steel house factories promise quicker construction without costing you more. At Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel House Co., Ltd. (An Mei Jie in short), they intend to deliver high quality light steel structures to their customers.


Prefab Residential

Imagine a construction site where each piece of scrap and metal is accounted for and has a designated place. Rather than looking messy and distracting during the building process, An Mei Jie pre-organizes every piece that will be needed for construction. When trusting them in their prefab method, you are able to be confident in both the start and finish date of building; you will never have to adjust their schedule to work around unexpected construction extensions. Due to the fact that they use weather-resistant materials, the job will be done quickly and precisely no matter the time of year.



Specializing in light steel house manufacturing, An Mei Jie understands what it means to build something that lasts. They test their products repeatedly before they let them leave their factories, and they use materials that have proven to last longer than the usual choices of foundation in wood or brick. Choosing to build with a steel foundation prevents the usual damage caused by weather (expanding and shrinking as the seasons change) or even sometimes the damage caused by natural disasters. The chance of their structures surviving weather consisting of high winds (such as hurricanes or tornados) is far increased because of their choice in sturdy materials.


Going Green

As many of them know the importance of reducing the waste they produce, at An Mei Jie, they have taken it upon themselves  to be a companion, not a parasite, to nature. They take care that they spend only the time they need during the construction process, therefore reducing the harmful emissions generally ignored during building projects. The use of steel foundations helps with this goal of going green, because they can continue to build no matter the weather. The process will not be slowed because of warping wood or some other material malfunction, and all of their steel pieces are prepped to be put into place as soon as they arrive on your property.


As a professional and leading light steel house and prefab house factory, An Mei Jie aims to give you a prefect customized experience, with many different designs to choose from. Giving the buyer an option to choose between pre-set home designs allows for an easier building process. An Mei Jie has a set plan and the customer knows what to expect when they arrive on site.

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Their brand is to deliver on the promise that you will have a light steel home almost as quickly as you’ve decided you want one. While remaining of environmental protection and longevity of light steel houses they build, An Mei Jie will make your money’s worth when you decide to work with them.





Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel House Co, Ltd.

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