Get a perfect Dream Travel House that lasts for – over 70 durable years

  • Date:2020/08/28


Are you looking for constructing an ideal dream house that should last a lifetime and even serve your generations?

A light steel resort is a perfect solution for you – I bet.

Most probably, prefab resort construction ensures insanely safe option to build your dream travel house that will last a lifetime.

You must be thinking, what is this Prefab resort construction? And why should you go for it when there are multiple other options?

Prefab resort construction aims at assembling pre-made components of structures and then transporting it to the desired construction destination.

We’ll discuss in this article, how you will get a durable, eco-friendly and sustainable Dream Travel house without breaking your bank.

ANMEIJIE provides you one-stop solution by implementing steel frame housing techniques that use light steel structure, but at the same time provides tough resistance to high winds pressure, also fireproof and earthquakes- proof services.

 AMJHouse – Best Buddy to Build your Dream Travel House

AMJHouse - One of the pioneers in the field of the light steel construction industry, rooted in China, is providing unmatchable energy-saving light steel Prefab resort construction, travel house, residential house and Townhouses.

Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel House Co, Ltd. takes care of next-level light-steel construction, designing and manufacturing including marketing services. The light steel housing services are also exporting materials to worldwide, over 80 countries, approximately.

ANMEIJIE provides innovatively crafted light-steel structures which can be used for the construction of residential homes, schools, resorts, farmhouses or any other form of a building.

Mainly, ANMEIJIE provides light steel construction services for building

  • Residential houses

  • Townhouses

  • Travel Holiday House

Let’s specifically talk about how ANMEIJIE can help you in building your Dream Travel House.




Professionally designed, beautifully constructed Dream House in Short time


Yes! All of these facilities are you going to get under one hood – ANMEIJIE

A well-qualified team will professionally design your Dream travel house.

Keeping in view all important aspects including construction material, designing, transportation and above all, the whole construction material that you will get in your light steel resort will be durable and comes after strict quality testing, to avoid any error, before exporting to the construction destination.

Moreover, ANMEIJIE Company takes up different strategies to export materials of light steel resorts to other countries so; they maintain their durability, firmness and beauty.

There are plenty of premade designs for your convenience; however, you can always personalize your Dream travel villas as per your aesthetic sense. Or, You can go with any proposed villa designs designed by ANMEIJIE, mostly suitable for self-occupation, vacation stay, and theme hotel and so on.



Why should you build your Dream Travel house with ANMEIJIE?


Well! There are plenty of benefits you will get with ANMEIJIE constructions.

Some of them are as follows;

  • The light steel building construction materials are highly wind-resistant, water and damp-proof, and comprises of anti-snow pressure material. These all factors keep the resort warm in winter and cool in summer and also come with inbuilt thermal insulation.

  • The construction period is swift and quick and can be done in a short period.

  • When you get all the light steel construction material directly from the company where no middle man is involved, you will bear the low cost and save time.

  • ANMEIJIE comprises of highly trained staff that can create a professionally designed dream Travel house just for you.

  • When all of the material is pre-made in the factory, and you’ll only assemble them on the spot, it will result in less construction trash and less construction noise—a proven safe way for environmental protection.           





Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel House Co, Ltd.

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