Focus On The Light Steel Modular Home

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  • Date:2021/11/24

When it comes to bulidng a light steel house, especially for high-quality housing projects, privated homes, and hard-to-reach locations that need to be fabricated off-site, choose a light steel modular home construction system where building quality and performance is more important than the low cost. The lightweight steel frame building offers an economical, fast and flexible building system with an attractive design that can be integrated into the local environment and meet most budgets.


Buildings are fabricated and pre-assembled at the factory level to ensure engineered end products and accurate component sourcing. All of the building envelope pieces and interior design elements are assembled into a “kit” to provide a complete building package, ready to be assembled on site. Steel is tough. Steel not only represents unsurpassed earthquake resistance, but also has the ability to resist moisture, fire, corrosion, storms, termites and similar pests. Thanks to an efficient galvanizing process, the lightweight steel profiles can withstand the wettest areas for decades.


The Advantages of Light Steel Structure 

Steel is durable. Steel has the highest earthquake resistance. The strength of light steel townhouse is indisputable, 21 times more flexible than wood and 10 times higher than reinforced concrete (concrete + steel). It is very suitable for areas with poor soil, with light weight and low ratio of specific gravity to load.


Steel is practical in light steel residential houses. Lightweight steel frame construction is a fast building system. Whatever the weather, the main transportation system can be installed in a residential building within a week. Turnkey projects can last up to 2 months. There is no specific "construction season". With the exception of the foundation, no reinforced concrete is required. The building is factory prefabricated and can be delivered quickly, which means short delivery time, shortest site time, quick and convenient assembly, without the need for highly skilled labor or equipment professional.




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