European-style two-storey self-built house (with drawings), romantic couples bridal chamber

  • Date:2020/06/17

As the New Year begins, many couples are aiming to tie the knot on February 14 or May 20. Half a year marry afraid bridal chamber too late do well? Light steel villa to help you oh. 30 days to return your beautiful new house, do you have any heart?

Today the editor to introduce to everybody a romantic husband and wife bridal chamber door model, remember to collect the drawing!


Basic information

The house type area336

The house type pattern63311阳台1车库1书房six bedrooms and three living rooms and three bathrooms and one kitchen and one balcony  and one garage and one study

The storey height of buildingthe ground floor is 3.6m,the first floor is 3.3m

The site area requirement14mX12m


The appearance design

This housing type model belongs to contracted Europe type style, housetop uses faint blue pitch shingle, the white that combines metope, contracted and pure and fresh breath. In order to the metope design is not drab, contracted line ornament also is indispensable, let whole house look more have style. Stylist chose arc window, tiger window, make the house daylighting is better besides, still can highlight the effect of romantic only beauty, contain the husband and wife that is newly married to love is faithful.


The ground floor plan

The first floor layout is a garage, two living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom. The two bedrooms are suitable for the parents of the couple to live in, easy to walk around without climbing stairs, and the two bedrooms are separated by a garage to protect privacy.Toilet dry and wet separation, reduce bacteria breeding, meet the living health requirements.


The first floor plan

The layout of the second floor is four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a study, in which the master bedroom is connected with the master bathroom and study. After the husband and wife gives birth to a child in the future can have bigger space to put daily necessities. Multiple bedroom Settings, suitable for the current two-child open policy, can also be out to do a guest room. Such a house, once for all.





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